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Dota2 : Luna

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History Luna
Merciless warrior, no one ever unknown legend. Who is she without his army? Just exhausted wanderer, without a name, home and family. Being on the verge of death and madness, she was looking for a new home and a shelter. Wandering for months over the vast expanse of land, the road led her to the outskirts of the Silver Forest. It’s not just the forest, it was rumored that he enchanted the forest like a living, he admits everyone, but no one got out. But it was the last chance of survival for her. Forest is great for hunting, as well as possible to arrange a place to sleep. Not having time to enter into the forest, she has already felt the someone a hard stare, as if the forest itself looked straight into her soul. But be afraid to retreat and it was not her principle, it has always been up to the end, until victory. Dragging already so exhausted legs she walked along the path, which wound up her deep into the forest, where no slip, no ray of sunshine, where there are the most dangerous and horrible creatures. She squeezed in a hand a dagger, battle-hardened, but a little rust and had time. For a long time he was not washed the blood draw.
In the woods it was surrounded by a silence, and there was not a soul, when she saw the eyes that looked at her from the darkness. This only angered her and she rushed to the animal, but how close she would not pick him, he always escaped into the darkness. By the time the moon rose full and lit up all around, and she saw the animal on top of a hill. Rushing to the beast, she screamed and lashed out at him, but it was not so easy. Panther huge paw and knocked the knife without touching it disappeared into the woods. Again, she missed a chance to face death, but apparently not this time.
A moment later, out of the woods seemed to men in hoods and told that she had chosen the goddess Selemenev as its warriors, and it passed the test. Itself without knowing it, she performed the sacred ritual of the Dark Moon, warriors of the Silver Forest.
She was offered a choice: join the Dark Moon and swear to serve Selemenev or leave and never come back. She did not hesitate. Taking his release, she gave up the bloody past, and since her name – moon, scary moon rider, relentless and unwavering defender of the Silver Forest.

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