Dota2 : Lone Druid desktop wallpaper

Dota2 : Lone Druid

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For centuries, the vast ancient world there was the Bear clan. Clan members differed wisdom and close relationship with nature. They honored the spirits of the forest and tried to understand the secret laws of nature.
It was not until as long as the spirits do not pay attention to them his attention. To communicate, they demanded that the wisest representatives of the clan. Then, out of the crowd turned to him respected by all visionary clan. He told them that it is necessary to plant a seed, when the world will be completely destroyed. Only in this way it will be possible to save him.
As a thank you, the spirits gave Silla tremendous power and knowledge. Now it does not bother the years, he could spend eternity in thought and not age for a moment. His wisdom is so great that it can release your inner beast and become furious bear. This generous gift angered other nations, and they went to war against the Bear clan.
Centuries passed, and everyone has forgotten about the prophecy, war, Clan. Here are just Silla still waiting for when it comes time to plant seed. Many centuries druid spent in the forest wilderness, and all the time with him was his faithful friend Summon Spirit Bear. This bear imbued with magical energy, he helped Cilla and helps overcome any obstacles. He always fights near Lone Druid in the midst of conflict. There is nothing more dangerous than an angry bear. Rabid makes the druid and his faithful companion faster attack and move.
The years spent together with the bear, Sylla strengthened spiritual ties with nature. Now Synergy helps to not only find peace, but also to protect the native forest from encroachment.
There are stories that the ancient forest met a huge bear that moves on two legs. In appearance, it is very terrible True Form never attacked civilians, and sometimes even helped out of the woods for those who lost in the bush. Animal nature druid allows it to acquire additional strength, but do not lose the human mind. Only sometimes out of the woods heard loud cries of a huge bear. Battle Cry adds additional strength to the battle druid and his bear.
Silla always happy those who reveres nature as well as he did. Therefore Beastmaster his best and most loyal ally. They do an excellent job with the protection of nature and will not allow anyone to destroy it.
An ancient evil lies dormant and never tries to take over the world. Lifestealer roams the world in search of the victim and can easily deal with unprepared druid.

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