Dota2 : Lina Wallpaper

Dota2 : Lina

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One of the daughters, who received a special gift … Older sister chilling Crystal Maiden. Unlike his sister, he has literally explosive. Since childhood, Lina was able to control the fire, but to control it lacked restraint.
Parents sent her to the desert to protect her and others. With age, Lina realized that to keep such power without control is impossible and started to use it to good use.
Legend of the Dragon is not allowed to rest. These creatures were able to control the fire, which was to be a girl. After a long training Lin still managed to learn the breathing dragons Dragon Slave, which leaves no chance to her rivals.
What could be hotter than the sun itself? So she learned to use it for the benefit of themselves. Light Strike Array encourages directional beam of the sun, which stuns enemies. All is good, but the ability to apply a slight delay and get on very agile opponents very difficult. Heroes with directional pitched very help for aiming. The girl was lucky, because her younger sister owns this skill. They argue that fire and ice can work together.
Lina likes to play with fire, so every time she uses her ability, Fiery Soul gives it more speed and agility. Intoxicated by the fire, she could not see how spends all his manna, and will remain defenseless. And here comes to the aid of her sister Crystal Maiden, which will increase the mana regeneration rate.
After years of development of the fire, she was able to concentrate its power so that the fire and the light turned into a lightning Laguna Blade. It is difficult to survive such an attack, but those who succeed can have the chance to kill Lin, who will no mana after such a strong spell.
Playing with fire, it takes a lot of energy, so without a permanent mana Lina can not do anything. To protect themselves from the fiery power of this girl, sorcerers cast spells of silence that binds her abilities. It is necessary to be afraid of such a character as Silencer. It hurts all of their abilities magicians and Lina as well. Anti-Mage, in turn, will take all the manna, and will leave the hero without the ability to cast spells.

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