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Dota2 : Lifestealer

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For thief N’eyksa was elected the most severe punishment. He gave eternal life, but eternal imprisonment. It is not known that dared to steal the poor guy, but for this he paid a heavy price.
Over time, the thief lost any hopes of liberation, during erased his memory and reason. Through the centuries, even its rusted shackles and kept only because N’eyks not trying to get rid of them. He was indifferent to all that was happening around him. Even the new cellmate did not cause him any reaction.
But in contrast, from N’eyksa new prisoner he was not going to sit in prison the rest of his life. Since he was the magicians, the idea arose to use a strange creature, which was locked with him in his head. His mind seemed to be weak, and the magician decided to settle in the body and make the thief to collect the remains of the power to kill all the guards.
The magician did not expect that madness, hidden in the depths of N’eyksa so great that it could instantly destroy the psyche of the magician. The sudden awakening caused remember being that it is still alive. Now he had a goal, one thought, which was in the ocean of insanity.
Lifestealer decided to escape, and now nothing could stop him. His madness was so much that could affect all guards, even at a distance. They themselves opened the cage door, and then kill each other.
Since N’eyks roams the world with shackles, as a reminder that no one will dare to hold him back. At the same time, a magician mind is somewhere deep in his mind. Perhaps it is he used the magician to escape, not a magician of his …
Lifestealer has no feelings, he has no principles, no compassion. With great fury Rage he glares at anyone who will be in his way and breaks into pieces.
N’eyksa have lost the desire for ordinary human food, now he only eats the flesh of the fallen heroes. Feast makes it even more, and the more the enemy, the more power will get a monster.
Each attack Open Wounds inflicts a mortal wound to the enemy, it infects the blood and causes to move slowly, and even begins to attract other predators.
N’eyks so strongly glares at the enemy that gets to its own entrails. Infest allows you to escape from enemies and eat the victim’s life force.
The ability to become implanted in other creatures is not always dealing damage, Lifestealer harmless may be in the Storm Spirit and quickly rush into the thick of the battle.
But, even immortal N’eyks be afraid Phantom Assassin, because it can bring him back into the cage, and he vowed not to return.

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