Dota2 : Lich desktop wallpaper

Dota2 : Lich

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Legends of the great magician Etriane still excite the minds of the residents of the north. Restless Rila tried to repeat some of his spells, but all in vain, too powerful they were.
Ice Mage could hamper the entire kingdom in ice in an instant. This huge force not leave anyone indifferent wizard. Many of them simply jealous of his skill and ability.
Magical forces several zavistnyh magicians enough to lure Etriana in a trap from which even he could not escape. Magic chain that shackled sorcerer, stripped of his powers.
To get rid of the ice mage, he decided to throw in a bottomless pit. Many months later, he plunged into the dark abyss, while his body rests on the ledge in the wall. There his body remained for centuries.
When the necromancer Anhil decided to test the depth of the bottomless pit, the deep dark waters, he found a strange body. In appearance, it had lain there for many years, but not scattered by time and water.
After removing the magical chain Anhil read the secret ritual of resurrection. His mistake, he realized when Etrian opened his eyes. Ona fierce anger and hatred, he was ready to destroy anyone in its path. Anhil was the first but not the last victim of the mighty Lich.
Etrian use all their knowledge to bear the punishment for treason. By gradually lowering the temperature can be adapted, but what would happen if a frost comes instantly. The air just blows cold from Frost Blast, inflicting damage to all around.
To protect yourself from any attacks Leach covers his body protective shield Ice Armor. Ice cold layer passes to anyone who dares to strike. Ice Magic does not cause inconvenience to someone tries to defend the magician, so the ice sheet is a good protection for allies.
Inferior beings can not resist the Lich magic, so he uses them to make up their magical powers. After application of Sacrifice, the soul substance becomes the possession of the ice master.
Many other mages to hunt for a mystery Chain Frost spells Etriana after death, but did not know him. Only a true master of the cold Leach can use such a strong spell.
Embittered by the whole world, Lich is looking for the most powerful and violent allies. Faceless Void is one of these. Their desire to kill all living things perfectly match with their powerful capabilities.
At the same time, the old body Etriana can not fight if someone blocked his magical powers. Riki secretive killer in nothing puts a powerful magician.

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