Dota2 : Leshrac Desktop wallpapers

Dota2 : Leshrac

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Leshrac – one of the elementals of nature, which expresses her understanding and wisdom. He came into the world to save his sanity, even in the most terrible and crazy moments.
When anyone falls into the madness of the nightmare around, Leshrac retains the true peace of mind.
While most philosophers are trying to understand the essence of being, Leshrak knows that nothing good they do not know. Because of his pride, nature refers to it is not very forgiving.
Dwelling on the border between the worlds, Leshrac occasionally penetrates into the world, to always carry their wisdom.
Only a true elemental can use all the power of nature for their own purposes. Splitting the ground under the feet of enemies, Split Earth causes them to suffer from the sharp stone spikes that emerge from the ground.
Calling projection energy secret Diabolic Edict from another dimension, Leshrak turns to dust all that wish.
Leshrac derives its strength from all natural elements. If necessary, he may call a terrible storm Lightning Storm, which will torment the enemy sets of electric charges.
But, even the mightiest warriors can not withstand the mighty force Pulse Nova, which releases enormous energy flows.
Steadfast spirit and closeness to nature makes Nature’s Prophet and Leshrac warriors with one purpose – to fight for the world, no matter how hopeless it was not.
If somewhere there is a fairly strong magical creature, the Lion will not have peace until you fight him and prove its superiority. Very little elementals survived after a meeting with the demonology.

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