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Dota2 : Legion Commander

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History Legion Commander
Fortress called Stounholl is one of the most secure places in the world. But what if the enemy attacked from the inside? It was early morning, a little hazy, already lightened, but the sun had not yet risen, the residents were awakened by a terrible cry, followed by a series of stun shock and sound of buildings collapsing. Those who ran into the street to find out in the Sanchez case, immediately fell at the hands of dark creatures. No it was not clear what happened. Residents fled, and city troops could not cope with the onslaught of terrible monsters. They killed men, and those that can be resisted, and women and children were taken prisoner.
The entire inside of the castle was destroyed, houses and markets burned, lying bloody corpses in the streets and alleys. It seemed that the end was near, but by some miracle, not far from the fortress turned bronze Legion once subordinate and who was a member of the mighty army Stounholla. Chief of the same in the legion was Tresdin – woman warrior, has an iron will and character. In the Bronze Legion I respected her every and each was willing to give his life, but to fulfill her order.
Legion Commander
Breaking into the city, the legion saw that the fortress was nothing left, and wandered through the streets creating darkness. Immediately the battle began. Gradually Legion soldiers fought their way through crowds of enemies, blood gushed everywhere, on every street and alley. Urban stone gradually changes color from gray to red. All Legion made his way to the place where it all began. In the central square soldiers saw the rift in space, whence came a new creature. And nearby was their main leader. In his hands he held a huge blade that easily chipped bronze warriors legion. Tresdin screamed and ran to him. Terrible monster turned, and his face broke into a smile that exposed a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs.
It was a duel between the two commanders of the legions. While soldiers raked each other around, the couple swam in a deadly dance, inflicting blows and reflecting each other. Tresdin jumped onto the monster in an attempt to cut it, but the powerful shot stopped her and nearly knocked over. But it still did not stop Tresdin, not for nothing that it is the commander of the Legion of bronze. She screamed and struck the final blow, which was to come into the heart of the enemy, but he had put his hand, and the blade bit into it. Blood spurted in all directions, the monster made a terrible cry, even stopped the battle over, everyone was looking what will happen next. Tresdin not going to stop and force pressed on the handle. The blade pierced his hand, and then the heart of the enemy. There was a death cry, and then the monster just exploded, doused all over with their blood.
The portal closed instantly, and create darkness and monsters that were watching the fall of their leader, they tried to escape, but none who could not escape. Since Tresdin most hates demons, she even visited the well-known blacksmith named Kvit that gave her hell swords to fight the demons. Perhaps Tresdin not noticed, or forgotten in a fit of revenge that these blades it can lose yourself.
When the war broke out, Tresdin went there to find and destroy the main masters of demons, or maybe not. Who knows…

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