Dota2 : Kunkka High

Dota2 : Kunkka

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Admiral Kunqu has spent his entire life in the sea, protecting their homeland from the Cataracts demons. The final battle for the Navy became the battle against Maelruna. Ancient creature destroyed all the ships, Admiral. It is still unknown whether he is alive Kuhnke, but he often appears on the battlefield. He is, or his spirit, who seeks revenge, only time will tell.
Kunqu possessed magic and could call upon a column of water Torrent, which threw all the enemies around. To call upon the watery element in any place, you need a lot of energy, so the spell is used with a certain delay. During this time, the enemy can leave the affected area. Use the ability or need to move on to the enemy, or paired with heroes who have the camp. Shadow Shaman will be excellent company for the Admiral.
Might Tidebringer Admiral feared demons, as it dwelt spirit that strengthened each blow. No matter how many enemies around you, they will get hit. If Kuhnke lucky, and he struck the critical blow, then get increased damage all enemies around.
Each sailor would find the treasure, but look for the Admiral is not suitable according to the order. So he decides where it will be his goal. No matter how far the enemy fled, X Marks the Spot will return it to where it will be waiting for the sailor. Excellent combined with the first capacity Torrent.
Ghostship – the last ship of Admiral, ghost ship, which is comparable with the Flying Dutchman. He comes to the aid of Kuhnke, and then immediately disappear, if it was not him at all. It causes more damage and stun opponents Admiral in a small area. Unfortunately, the call of the phantom ship takes time, so it appears with a delay. During this time the target may move away from the place of arrival Ghostship and he will be called upon in vain.
All he knows gin rummy, he studied for years and requires a lot of experience to correctly use such powerful spells. Weak people do not make a whole fleet admirals and Kunqu is no exception. It is worthy of fighting with any enemy, but there are those who are superior to him in strength and skill. Among them are the Faceless Void or Phantom Assassin.

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