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Dota2 : Jakiro

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Pros character: Have dizeybla, potential for pushing,
It has a lot of hp, good intelligence gains
Cons character: Delay when using the skill, low initial speed of movement, very little initial damage
Description Jakiro skill in Dota 2
Dual Breath
Damages on the area. Dragon produces waves of fire and ice. Ice slows the movement speed of enemies and the fire causes damage over time. On the last level pumping ability causes 380 damage, which helps to quickly deal with creeps. Slow down at all levels of the same, so the skill, initially, will catch up or hold the opponent.
Ice Path
Jakiro produces ice track in front of him, which prohibits the movement and use spells to all affected enemies. It is noteworthy that the opponents to run on the ice, after the cast, will still be stopped. Use this to block the way opponents.
Allies can easily navigate through the ice wall. Delay before use is 0.5 seconds, consider this, if you want to accurately hit the enemy may have to use the ability to “move on” to the enemy.
Liquid Fire
The ability to slow down the attack speed of units and buildings in a small radius. Combined with Dual Breath, makes Jakiro in Dota 2 great pusher.
Skill can be put on autocast and it will be used on cooldown on your target. The fights is better to use on enemy carry, and when Pouchet on the towers.
Also, the ability inflicts minor damage over 5 seconds.
Ultimate hero, too, is used with a slight delay, and improper use will bring a benefit from the ability to minimize. Your task – as long as possible to delay the enemies in range Macropyre, so use it in conjunction with Dual Breath + Ice Path + Macropyre. The ability to improve with the help of Aghanim’s Scepter, which increases the damage and radius.
Skill build for Jakiro in Dota 2
2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 4, 2, 1, 1, 3, 4, 3, 3, 3, + 4, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +, +
Bleeding skills in a sequence intended to assist the allies on the line and killing opponents. The third skill is appropriate to examine if the team chose a push strategy, then, the ability should be used only for the tower.
Tactics game for Jakiro in Dota 2
Beginning of the game
Jakiro in Dota 2 can perform two roles: tech support on the line or the pusher. The only difference is that the first skill a support pumps and pusher takes Liquid Fire.
Initially, the action that one role, that in the second, identical. You will be a good helper to any hero, it does not matter, easy or difficult line.
In your task will be to buy Observer Ward (do not forget to update them), as well as the Healing Salve and Tango for your carry. In the lane, try to harass the enemy, kill creeps (the enemy, if an ally does not have time to do it), to make bends in the woods.
The middle game
Since manna for Cakir is an essential element in the game, then buy Arcane Boots is almost mandatory action. After that, try to save up for Mekansm, this item is great will help the allies in fights.
Dragon quite clumsy, so Force Staff can save you in an emergency.
If the team is still good prokastery as Jakiro, it would be nice to buy Veil of Discord, which will strengthen the magic damage on enemies. Excellent works in conjunction with all of your skilalmi.
You must understand that this character is not a loner. Though he has a fairly large stock of health, for the magician, but still an easy opponent for enemy Timy. Try to walk only in a group and take part in all mass brawls, not for nothing that you have in your arsenal of skills are all within a radius or area.
End of the game
In the late game, a tactic is not much different from the middle of the game, except that you need to protect its own structure. Dual Breath + Liquid Fire will help to quickly deal with the creeps and Ice Path and Macropyre can protect your throne from more formidable opponents. If the game is going well, I advise you to buy Aghanim’s Scepter or Scythe of Vyse. The first will increase the damage dealt by the hero, and the second an item will give you another dizeybl.
Conclusion Hyde Jakiro in Dota 2
Jakiro is a hero, which is useful in all phases of the game and can help your team to implement some completely different strategies (from the banal to the aggressive pushing DEF).
The complexity of the hero is that all of its ability to be active, and if you add a few active subjects, the beginner can get lost. It should also take into account that some skills are applied with a delay and you need a bit of practice that use them properly.

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