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Dota2 : Invoker

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Primordial and the oldest magic does not require any additional devices, except for the magician. It is often forgotten young wizards who rely on various artifacts, amulets or potions in the study of ancient spell.
In the beginning of time, anyone could try their hand at sorcery, there were no restrictions, and people were equal. But the really great magicians of the time allocated to their memory.
To keep in mind the correct sequence of actions, emotions, words were one. Good luck if you managed to repeat at least one spell. After studying three or four, you elevate the rank of the greatest magicians of all time.
Among all the magicians of those times I was allocated only Invoker, who had a truly brilliant memory. He perfectly mastered several dozen spells and use them easily. Even the most powerful of them, he used instantly.
Most of the ancient surviving to the present day, to hide their identity behind a veil of terrible secrets. Not Invoker, which was and remains the most powerful mages in the world, the master of magic.
Over the millennia of his life, he completely subdued the elements ice Quas, Wex and flame Exort lightning. Drawing strength from the forces of nature, it spells Invoke obtained a truly brilliant and powerful.
By varying the temperature of his opponent, Invoker begins to pick up his body heat with the help of spells Cold Snap.
Mage can change reality, thereby concealing themselves from enemy eyes. At the same time, being in a Ghost Walk, enemies will still feel the spirit of the ancient icy.
The most powerful forces of nature are subordinate Invokera, Tornado as well. Huge gusts of wind can sweep away whole cities and armies in their path.
Yet, Invoker will not tolerate uneducated upstarts, who imagined themselves magicians. Their magical power will be for them a death trap the EMP, to escape from which can only be those who deny the magic.
Years of meditation allow the magician to control not only your mind, but also to reassure allies in the chaos. Application of Alacrity is a huge burst of energy.
Thousands of meteorites that Invoker observed in the night sky during the time of his life, fascinated and amazed. Writers piled them legends, warriors felt some familiar and mage just tamed the fiery power of the Chaos Meteor.
However, meteorites could not satisfy the desires of the great magician, he wanted to subdue the sun itself. After many years, he was able to make a heavenly body to work at it and destroy all the enemies with the help of Sun Strike.
Experiments with combining different types of magic always attracted the magician. One day, after a spell of fire and cold, before Invokerom rose perfume Forge Spirit of the elements. Since then, they faithfully serve his master.
During the trip to the north, he was lucky to take part in the battle for the city of ice. Northerners used the interesting device Ice Wall, which overlaps the path of the advancing troops.
By combining all three elements under control, Invoker discovered the amazing properties of Deafening Blast. It turns out that the sound may work just fine, as a weapon.
So happened that proud Invoker does not choose its allies, it must ask him to be on their side, because with such a powerful magician any army can win the war.
It is not strange, but the ancients did not fear the terrible hunter magicians Anti-Mage, but Doom Demon, as old as magic, can make all their words and movements are not more than a silent theater.

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