Dota2 : Faceless Void Wallpapers

Dota2 : Faceless Void

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Darkterror came from a world in which there are no time and space, the laws of the measurements are not subject to understand the earthly reason. Faceless Void is so powerful being that can change the time as he pleases.
No one knows why he came into this world, why fight in the endless battles and when to leave.
His body can not be damaged in the usual way, so that any character is afraid to meet in Darkterrora battle that will fight for the enemy.
Lack of time to measure the Faceless Void did not prevent him to subdue time here. He can look into the future and see all the possible options for the outcome of any fight. Time Walk allows him to move his body to the point where it will be in time, but he knows it.
Not only the future is subject Darkterroru, the past is also changed by his desire. Backtrack allows you to shift back in time and reflect any impact, which in the future would be able to combat hero.
Having been out of time, having entered his punches able to clear the enemy from the temporary stream. Trapped Time Lock opponent can not move and strike in this dimension, for a moment, he becomes nothing.
Trying to open a portal to Klaszurem, Faceless Void creates a portal, at which time delays, as if the air in the vacuum. No force can break out Chronosphere, even light is lost in this terrible funnel.
When the enemy closed in the trap of time, their bodies are still in this world. It is hard to imagine an ally that can cause more damage than Invoker, when the enemy lost in the endless stream of time.
But even shifting to a different space and a different time, Void can not resist the magic song Naga Siren. In any dimension, it will freeze and will listen to her singing.

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