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Dota2 : Earthshaker

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The story of the hero Earthshaker (Shaker)
Earthshaker – a formidable warrior who uses his totem to shake the earth. This is not a simple totem therein lies the power of the earth. In Reygare flowing power of the earth, he had a piece of her. Once he was a spirit, but the thirst to the world allowed to take mortal form and take a trip around the world. In this way, it expects many dangers, so the totem protects the hero, giving incredible strength and powerful abilities.
The first ability of the hero – Fissure. Hero creates a stone wall, which briefly stuns enemies and prohibits all go through it. Suitable for creating traps or finishing a few enemies, but obstruction may play a cruel joke with you, cutting you from your goal or blocking the way allies, thus sending them into a trap.
Enchant Totem has no flaws, excellent skill that increases the damage of your next attack. It goes well with Passive Aftershock, adding to the arsenal of another camp. Aftershock will shake your enemies whenever Reygor casts.
Echo Slam at first glance does little damage and not even among the enemy, and great skill cooldown makes useless. But this is only at first glance. The more enemies fell into the range, the more damage they will receive. In this case, we should not be afraid of the earthquake under their feet, and the air above his head. The shock wave travels at high speed, killing all in its path. The remaining capacity not need someone’s help, but for the Echo Slam need friends who will force opponents to be fixed or collect at one point all of them. It may be noted Dark Seer, the combination of which will not leave any chances to the opponent. Treant Protector with his Ultimate will keep everyone in place while the echo diverges from the mighty blow.
Among the enemies you can not select someone one, any enemy that would prohibit use Earthshaker his totem already become dangerous.

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