Dota2 : Doom Background

Dota2 : Doom

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The once bright angel who fought for honor and justice are now sowing suffering and death. He was ready to do anything for his master, not Stavan lap. When he was accused of disobedience, given the terrible torture of fire.
Many times, his wings held over the fire, as a result not left anything at all from them. Exhausted, he could no longer stay in the kingdom of heaven and broke down. In place of the fall of Lucifer formed a large crater, called Lost Paradise.
He decided that now no one will tell him, he will now decide the fate. In his hand is the life of anyone who will be in his way.
Doom has promised, that will transform this world into a living hell, and strength and skills to do it accurately enough.
Lucifer himself takes whatever he wants, even the soul. No monster will not be able to resist the magic Devour, which takes not only the soul but also all the knowledge being, strengthening the power of the fallen angel.
Hellfire Scorched Earth destroys all living things around the Duma. It is not hell, no trees, no animals, no people, only the pain and anguish he felt when burning his wings.
Executioners Lucifer well taught him to torment other creatures. Now LVL? Death Angel will serve as a reminder that the soul of the hero makes the weak.
Anyone who has decided to challenge the devil must be prepared to curse Doom. Knower of this spell, waiting for the terrible suffering and death. All that remains to any opponent think so is to kneel in front of his might.
Who wants to help Lucifer to enslave all life and proclaim the hell on earth. Exile Jakiro with its flame will be an excellent assistant for the fallen angel.
Enemies of the devil can not be, everyone should fear him. It is, in a fight against him is almost no chance for anybody. Only a fool will come to a fair fight with evil itself.

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