Dota2 : Death Prophet widescreen

Dota2 : Death Prophet

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What awaits us after death? This question Krobelus answered many times, but only for a large number of gold coins on her desk.
She could look into the future of any living creature, but has his own destiny it was closed his death. Deciding to cheat death, Krobelus parted with life.
What a surprise it was a prophetess when death did not want to take her mind and went back to the living world.
But Krobelus did not lose hope and repeatedly sent his soul and the spirit world. But each time she was also raised with the dead. Returning, she was carrying with him a piece of a lost soul.
It is not only the soul becomes smaller, but the physical form of weakened each time. Therefore Krobelus with great tenacity rushed to his death, hoping that her soul find peace.
With a Death Prophet picks up from the dead souls of the damned. Crypt Swarm releases them in the form of bats. They furiously sweep the battlefield, and then disappear. Perhaps they find peace by doing their duty.
Any magic can prevent destiny, so to correct predictions Krobelus imposes Silence spell and looks into his eyes silent enemy, seeing only death there.
And here’s another death, but again there is no rest weary soul. Again, you need to look for the fate elsewhere. Witchcraft can increase the number of souls that are returning with a prophetess.
Do not think that killing Krobelus very simple. Although she rushes to the next meeting with death, but never tolerate the neglect of self-respect or dead. Rage Exorcism sweeps away everything in its path, whether it is building or living beings.
If Death Prophet Leshrac and show all his strength on the battlefield, it is unlikely someone will be able to leave alive. Deadly dance these two will not give the enemy any chance of winning.
Against such as the fight went Krobelus Silencer. His outraged unprecedented boldness of this visionary. If he applies his spell of silence, then she will not be able to appeal to the spirits.

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