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Dota2 : Dazzle

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To become a priest of the Shadows, who wants to should pass a number of very dangerous test. One such test was a journey into a strange world Hom.
Hom was a distorted dimension where conventional notions of good and evil, light and darkness intertwined in bizarre forms. Anyone who dared to get in Hom, felt by all the madness that was going on in this world.
Many novices have lost my mind, others received amazing abilities, and some simply do not back out of this trap of the mind.
Young and resolutely decided to pass this test when his peers were just beginning to learn the art of wearing priests. The elders immediately rejected his request, but the guy was hard to stop.
As a result, he was allowed to pass this test and prove that his desire is not an empty phrase.
The world HomA Dazzl guided by his intuition and easily able to get out of the nightmare. He’s got power, which was not in any of the priests for all time the existence of the Order.
Dezun Order is famous for its healing spells, but priests have learned to use the anesthetic powder to paralyze the opponent. Though the study Poison Touch is not known in the ranks of priests, but Dazzl mastered it perfectly, adding some of the features.
When death hangs over an ally, only Shadow Priest can save him from certain death. It is through the Shallow Grave was saved and transformed the terrible warrior Juzcar, which has become the gift and the curse of the Order.
What could be easier than to restore health to an experienced member of the Order of Dezun. Just heal at the same time a lot of things. Shadow Priests centuries train their skills Shadow Wave, at the right time to save someone’s life.
After studying the measurement HomA, Dazzl understood that the concepts of good and evil in our world, too, are not as stable as it seems at first glance. Weave His knowledge can simultaneously redirect the energy in the field, which protects allies and weakening enemies.
Best of all, Dazzle fighting along with his warrior saved Huskar. Hatred, which could be dangerous for all the priests of the Shadow.
Enemies have Dazzla huge amount. Many are trying to destroy the Order for their dark rituals and neglect of his death.

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