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Dota2 : Dark Seer

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Ish’Kafel believes in winning battles and wars are not arms or soldiers, victory brings intelligence, strategy and wise commander.
His ability to control the movement of the enemy on the battlefield, allowing to win without a single soldier on his side. Dark Seer considered himself a great strategist who ever lived.
But when he met with the army, which could not be just as easy to win, then he went on a dangerous thing to do. could not win, he imprisoned the entire huge army in an illusory maze. That they had not been able to escape and get revenge, Ish’Kafel destroyed labyrinth.
This jeopardized his whole world that could break with the maze. A huge explosion threw the Dark Seer to another dimension, covering all the way back.
Now, Ish’Kafelya had a chance to prove that he is the most brilliant strategist, not only in one world, and in the whole universe.
Here clear, to withdraw, to pull here … So, with the help of Vacuum, Dark Seer drove the enemy on the battlefield, creating a point of attraction at the point where he had to. Now he continues to use it only in the other world.
Not losing hope of returning to their own world, Ish’Kafel create small portals Ion Shell creatures around so that it can pass into his world. But, for the moment, the portal is very weak and only allows you to lift the veil of space and time, which continuously seeps its energy in the world.
It is hard to imagine the speed with which the hero goes through various options for moving enemy soldiers during the battle. But his physical speed Surge also allows to move quickly between enemies and personally take part in the non-contact fight.
Perhaps Ish’Kafel can no longer create a whole illusory maze to lock up any army, but to make Wall of Replica afford it. Anyone who dares to cross its border regret it.
The ability to crush the armies of a spell is very appealing Dark Seer. Therefore, to fight with him Tidehunter especially nice and comfortable.
It’s important to take part in the battle, every second can be decisive. If in the ranks of the enemy have Silencer, then apply their skills in time becomes quite difficult.

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