Dota2 : Crystal Maiden Wallpapers

Dota2 : Crystal Maiden

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In one of the families late at night I had two girls, and they are very different from each other. The one that has grown a blond beauty, called Rila and the other flame-red beast named Lina.
There were years, Rila childhood was not easy. On the one hand it is magical powers elements of ice, which suddenly manifested hoists, on the other hand the eternal feud with sister, who developed the ability to fire element. In Rila also had a lot of problems with communication, people avoided her, no one wanted to play with the girl, and where it took place, immediately withered flowers and plants, the river froze. But it was not as important as the enmity of the two sisters. They just hated each other, and each time found the reason for the fight.
When the girls grew up, parents could no longer tolerate their behavior. And to somehow cope with the situation, the parents decided to move to the equator Lina, away from themselves and Rila. Those places just came to Lina, but Rila, too, could not stay at home. She could not look like dying all around, and went to the northern lands, close to the glaciers in the cold lands Aysroka.
Crystal Maiden
Upon arrival Rila got in a terrible snowstorm and lost. For a long time she wandered through the icy wastelands, she was able to survive only thanks to their magical abilities. When it appeared that the end is near, it picked up and sheltered by a local magician ice. He took her to his hut, which was high, right on top of the glacier Blue Heart. From that moment began hard training Rila to curb and control the ice element.
For many years, he trained Rila. There were moments when nothing happened, but she knew that was born for this. In addition to the training she wandered through the icy lands, where he met with Tuskar. There were years, the magician realized that he had nothing to teach Rila, and it is able to practice and create new spells themselves. Ice Mage left her office, so she followed the icy lands Aysroka, and he went deep into the glacier on the thousand-year sleep.
Thanks to his abilities, as well as the vast experience and skills of Rila was nicknamed the Crystal Maiden, or the Crystal Maiden. Many of those who feared her abilities, called it the Crystal Witch. Rila lived for many years on the glacier until the war broke out. She left the office and went there to show their power and take revenge on her sister.

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