Dota2 : Clockwerk widescreen

Dota2 : Clockwerk

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History Clockwerk
At the foot of the mountain village of long standing, is notorious for its craftsmen made the best watches that were on the ground. The village was surrounded by high mountains, which since its inception defended it from wars and other miseries. In the center of the village stood the clock tower, in which they lived and worked Ratltrap his father. From generation to generation the secret of watchmaking was passed from father to son. For many years, the father taught the young Ratltrapa art of watchmaking, and he grew up and remembered, and could soon surpass his father in watchmaking.
Many came from the old country just to buy one of his works. He loved his work and a lot of dreaming. Sometimes, so dreaming about family, a beautiful wife and lovely children, he will also give their knowledge, that really forget about what he would do. But all his dreams collapsed because of the war, which ran into the village, like an avalanche, leaving behind a mountain of corpses and burned houses.
Almost all the men who survived the attack on the village, rose to her defense. Whatever it was, the trouble does not come alone, and suffered from her father and Ratltrapa. Before his death, he gave his son instruction, that he has protected himself in this terrible world. At the last breath, he said that now his trade is not tinkering and repairing clocks and fight.
After burying his father in the village ruins, Ratltrap proceeded to plan, which came up with a very long time. His idea was to create such armor in which he would be invulnerable. Gathering his thoughts, he went to the dump for details. He needed to not only survive, but also to attack, to be a predator, so he stuck a couple of interesting adaptations to the armor. One of them was the shrapnel that was torn in the hull and hit the adjacent opponents. Second – this is his greatest pride, power gear. They are allowed to catch the victim and hold it inside, where it is not where will not be able to escape. The third of his invention was skyrocket, thanks to which he has just hit the enemies, but also good scouting territory. Her he fashioned from the usual fireworks, charged in a rocket launcher. And in the end, to be the most mobile and catch enemies gone on a spree, he fashioned a hook with a winch. He ran him flying straight to the victim and called him Hukshotom.
After a week of work and sleepless nights armor was ready. At once dressed, he could feel the strength and power. He realized that he could avenge his father and the village. Along with the armor he was not the Ratltrap that was. Now he Klokverk. He chose this name in honor of the village, a father and his profession. But it was necessary to test the armor, and he went hunting. For those who attacked his village and burned. They were warriors from neighboring kingdoms, who desired to seize territory by force. They were clothed in iron armor and armed with a good weapon.
Klokverk waited with bated among the branches of trees, when he heard footsteps. Seeing a small reconnaissance detachment of the enemy, he immediately started his armor and went straight to him, caught hook. From a strong impact flew half detachment and lost consciousness. And those who remained, regretted that they were born into this world. After a run on this site have only their bodies. No one managed to escape, but their armor was a tin can. The tests were successful, and Klokverk went to journey to search for other villagers. One day, stopping for the night in a tavern, he met a kinsman. His name was Tinker, who went to war. And they went together, and on the way met another of the race. And the three of them went to the holy war of the two stones.

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