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Dota2 : Clinkz

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Bleeding Hills got its name because of the huge forest that was located at its foot. Ancient trees emit a huge amount of different pitches, which for centuries to soak into the ground.
Ruler of the land was Sazereks magician, who took care of his forest, and kept him safe from enemies. That is why the defense of their possessions, he appointed the best archer who ever lived on the lands of Hoven. Valiant warrior Clinkz was ready to do anything to protect the forest and its inhabitants.
When the ancient demon Maraksiform awoke to pick yourself this forest Klinkz first made against him. He did not know that the king-mage cast a spell that gives eternal life to those who win a demon.
It is not known how long the battle between the demon and Clinkz, but when defender released his last arrow, Maraksifor could no longer fight. He knew that this boom will take away his life, so has collected all its forces and released a wall of flames of hell, to combat archer.
The arrow struck the monster at the moment as the flames began to devour the body Klinkza. At this very moment the spell of eternal life came into force. It could not recover its former shape valiant archer, but to keep him alive.
Now he stood at the moment when his body absorbed the Hellfire and the soul suffers in agony. Even in this form, it will protect your wood from any enemy.
Explain the firing rate of the Blade are not even the most skilled archers. The naked eye can not follow Strafe, which is in seconds, destroying anyone who stands against fire archer.
After the fire consumed Clinkz, it also ignited the boom. Hellfire, combined with the spell magician doing Searing Arrows one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.
Incinerating itself in one place, in another Klinkz appears. Here you can see his bright light in front of you, and the next moment only the smoke from the Skeleton Walk. When you meet with a fiery defender of the next time, it will be the last memory in your life.
Living beings draw strength from the blood of the dead – and a shower, but Clinkz not alive and not dead. In order to maintain their strength, and he needs to do both. Death Pact allows to take the body and soul of any lower beings.
Defender does not need allies, he himself copes with its responsibilities. Therefore, he must be ready to confront any opponent alone. That’s what he gets excellent. No one can compete with Hellfire Klinkza.

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