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Dota2 : Chen

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Chen grew up in one of the tribes, who were engaged in robbery and looting taking place in the desert caravans. They constantly lacked water and food, but were able to tame the little dragons, which are used to create glass containers for collecting rainwater.
This continued up until the seed Chen not attacked the caravan. It was falnoy mistake, because in the caravan were the knights one of the strengths of orders. They ruthlessly dealt with all members of the tribe.
In survived only Chen, but he was ready to accept his fate and die at the hands of the executioner. Without fear, he looked into the eyes of his death. That is, because of his courage, the Knights agreed to spare his life, if he accepts their faith. Chen gladly accepted the chance for salvation.
Since then, Chen Knight goes around the world and punish the infidels.
Tribe Chen could tame wild animals only, the human mind has been very difficult for them, but the impact of Penitence per person for a while clouding his mind.
In addition to his knowledge, Knight learned the ancient spell of his new Order. Test of Faith allows you to save any creature, but if his faith was not strong enough, then it fall Test of Faith in another form.
Chen does not forget its roots and constantly practiced in the art of taming animals. Over time, he was not only able to subdue other beings, but also make them much stronger than before with the help of Holy Persuasion.
Appealing to their gods, Chen can heal their allies. Many may not have faith, but after a miraculous effect Hand of God, only a fool not to kneel before the gods.
Everyone who shares the faith of Chen, it will be for good friends and he will do anything to save them in difficult times. But if you go against the holy knight, you must be prepared for wrath of the gods. For any believer’s worst enemy is the spawn of Doom hell that only sows fear and destruction.

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