Dota2 : Broodmother High

Dota2 : Broodmother

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To protect their wealth Foloptalis zikurat built near the crater of an extinct volcano. The road to it was through multiple tunnels, which is inhabited by spider Broodmother.
For hundreds of years, she and her spiders destroyed anyone who tried to get to the treasure of the vizier. Each victim is allowed to feed her and her cubs, do not come to the surface, where there were a large number of hazards.
But, over time, Broodmother weary of the constant intrusion in her possession, and she decided to talk to Foloptalisom. When he came to the meeting, then immediately trapped. Spider did not kill him, and set aside for more important purposes.
She did not consider the fact that without the vizier zikurat was quite defenseless, and has begun to attract a lot of different thieves and charlatans. It is not very worried Broodmother as long as someone has not killed her baby.
Enraged, she swore that no one would not hurt her spiders. She rose to the surface, to personally deal with anyone who wants to disturb it.
Millions of tiny spiders waiting for his mother deep in the earth, but the spider does not stop laying eggs, even on the battlefield. To Spawn Spiderlings had food at the birth of the eggs are deposited in the body of the defeated enemies.
Huge Web Spin Web serve as protection for Broodmother and her cubs, a trap for fools, and as a warning to the characters. Battlefields covered with a sinister spider’s web, in which ever were those who had the imprudence to disturb mother.
When the victim caught in a net, the spider injects venom she Incapacitating Bite, which slowly begins to kill the target, gradually cutting off her nervous system. If time does not save the poor, it is doomed to certain death.
Small spiders can not eat raw meat, they cooked cocoons with delicious victims caught in advance. The very same Broodmother not averse to occasionally eat heroes on the battlefield, not waiting for them to decay. Coming into a rage Insatiable Hunger, it is like a beast of prey, tears off pieces of poor soldiers.
Brood and her kids will be very strong, if the next fight will Lycan and his wolves. His howl inspires not only the characters but also the ancient creatures, which is the spider.
If many heroes take flight at the sight of thousands of small spiders that devour all in its path, then Kunkka can cope with any number of these small creatures.

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