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Dota2 : Bristleback

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History Bristleback
Each pilgrim heard about underground battles, which took place in taverns on the path between land Demolition and Elsa. This homeland Beastmaster, and Lycanthrope Queen of Pain. Local hard worker of the Emerald mines amused himself and the people that participated in clandestine fights without rules. Of course, with that, he had not only the coin, but the local people respect, who gave and gave him the nickname Bristlbek. He did not need training, from childhood he was strong Maltsev and always had explosive character and the ability to withstand a heavy blow.
For a time he fought in these battles, until one cold day and did not notice one of the bartenders and hosts the tavern. After another bout winning bartender came up to the big man Rigvarlu and offered him a job. For a modest salary, as well as drinks Rigvarl had to work as a bouncer, to solve problems with payment orders, knocking money from recalcitrant customers. That one broken finger, the other jaw, and there was not anyone who would dare to refuse.
One frosty evenings, when the sky is sanctified only moon in the tavern granted pretty strong client. In appearance it was clear that he was from the north: warm clothing, and was a huge iron glove on his left hand. All tavern buzzing, the wine flowed freely, and the time has come to collect payment from customers. And well-oiled Bristlbek decided to go to a strange Severianin with the phrase: I do not like your tusks, dear. After this phrase literally shook the whole tavern. It started this zavarushka that was left by a single chair. In the brawl involved all customers Bristlbek fought like a god, but still could not withstand the strongest impact northerner.
When Rigvarl woke up, the northerner was not there. My head was buzzing, and her body ached. Bristlbeku had to pay for out of pocket northerner. Suma was not large, but the reputation has been tainted, and honor wounded. He vowed that, by all means, find the offender and avenge him.
A few weeks later, when the pain subsided, and the needles on the back of growing back, Bristlbek started training. Prior to that, he had no idea what his body is capable of. Bristlbek changed tactics once understood the power of their needles. Rigvarl began to train local brawlers and clandestine fights. Colds, which was picked up in the snow, greatly helped: Bristlbek blew his nose and spitting into enemies, by whatever zvereli and attacked, and he just turned his back on them, causing enormous damage to their spines. When the opponent becomes weak, he put strong punches, sending the opponent in the knockout.
Trainings were not in vain. Due to the northern traveler Bristlbek able to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. He was ready to meet him again and win. Collecting things Rigvarl went on a journey in the footsteps of the northerner. He learned a lot about it, and most importantly his name – Ymir, many known as Tusk, who went on the field of battle two eternal stones. Of course, Bristlbek went there for him to return the favor and the honor that was lost in that brawl.

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