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Dota2 : Bounty Hunter

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The history of Bounty Hunter
Among the many stories of people walking, telling about how death itself comes in the form of dancing shadows, without giving any chance to whom destined to die. Those who wandered around the world more than others, tell a story about a hired killer named Gondar, dubbed Bounty Hunter. Some of them say that it is still a kitten abandoned, others that orphaned in the war it took the famous hunter Soruk, and others that he was a mere ragamuffin street, nailed to the thieves’ guild. But none of them is not entirely true.
Bounty Hunter
Even before the Great War, Gondar and his family lived in the village of bounty hunters on the edge of a vast kingdom. His childhood passed cheerfully, he was playing with neighboring children in a variety of games, but his favorite game was hide and seek. It seems that everything in this game, like hide, but he liked to be in the role of a bloodhound. It seemed that all this will continue, but he soon learned that his father was taken to the war, unleashed by the recently in the neighboring kingdom. He only stayed with her mother at such a young age. He did not want to sit on the neck of his mother, and was chosen to the city to podvorovyvat.
One day, returning from another trip to the city, he found that from his village leaving only ashes and piles of corpses. And he stayed on the street alone. Although he was very young, since then began his difficult life in port areas, where bars and brothels were everywhere, and cut the purse from a drunken guest there is no difficulty. All well and it would go until he met a man who changed his life dramatically.
Bounty Hunter
Once again, trying to steal a purse from a passing man in a raincoat, just sunuvshis in his pocket, he grabbed the man’s arm tightly and dragged him along. In Gondar had no chance to escape, and he had to obey. The man led him to a three-story building, which has long been no one lived. He took off his hat and coat and calmly asked the boy to tell about themselves. After hearing the story of Gondar to the end, he smiled, he stood up and introduced himself. His name was Soruk. Earlier, the boy heard the name of the local thieves, whispering that Soruk previously been the best hunter in the kingdom, and then disappeared. It was rumored that he had organized a guild of thieves and mercenaries. And from then on Soruk he took under his wing a young Gondar.
For years, he coached Maltz, honing his skills with blades, pathfinder taught the craft and stealth. Gondar thus practiced lessons, bringing the stolen loot master or doing errands. A few years later Gondar to pass the final exam, where the first victim of Gondar became famous thief and a murderer nicknamed White Cloak. Gondar was like a shadow of the white coat, and when he started right moment, his head was in the bag and move in the direction of the customer.
Successfully passing the exam, Gondar Soruka left and went to a lonely voyage through the dark alleys of the various kingdoms. Over the years, he performed many orders. One of them was found to kill the fugitive King Gough, once famed for his tyranny. His path is very long, during which time he honed his skills and loved the gold that was taken even the most impossible task. The latter is his goal was his teacher Soruk who knew that someday return Gondar, but for his head.

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