Dota2 : Bloodseeker Wide wallpapers

Dota2 : Bloodseeker

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Secret Order Bezkozhih famous for its brutal bloody rituals. His strength and energy they derived from human blood.
Every time down from the high mountains of the portion of the blood has become very dangerous, so they trained special hunter, who will make the sacrifice.
Bloodseeker – a skilled assassin characters which allow you to transfer the energy directly to the murdered victim Bezkozhim. His desire to kill is so strong that no agreement between the residents and the Order he would have destroyed the entire settlement.
Blind bloodlust makes fight, forgetting about everything. Magicians do not use spells, but the rough soldiers only receive pleasure from Bloodrage.
The blood gives power not only to its owners, but Strigvir. He washed the blood of enemies killed, the hunter receives additional power from Blood Bath.
Like a predatory shark Bladsiker feels the slightest drop of blood. Thirst allows you to hunt down and kill the victim, wherever it was. Dying opponent only increases the already large killer skills.
Bloodseeker not immediately kill the victim, he first let her blood and then watches as vitality slowly leave the body. One movement Rupture hunter could tear off the skin with the enemy. If he gets the wound, it will certainly be deadly, very few people survive after a meeting with the bloodthirsty servant Bezkozhih.
Probably only Axe can match Strigvirom for vampirism. These two love to bathe in the blood of the vanquished leggings.
Although the Anti-Mage to hunt only for mages, but he is not averse to destroy those generated by dark energy. This monster hunter Bezkozhih, perfect for revenge.

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