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Dota2 : Beastmaster

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History Beastmaster
Curraha Childhood unsweetened. Born in the kingdom broken, he did not know his mother, because she died in childbirth. His educated father, who was a blacksmith. From an early age, he taught his son to work and justice. But when Curraha was five years old, ran to their village punitive expedition by order of the King of the Kingdom of the hard scrap. Trying to protect the village and his son, the father went against the riders, but the forces were not equal. And after all, the end of the day there were only corpses, and his father was lying on the cold ground. Curraha same riders took with them and cast them into the zoo, where he settled.
It was the royal menagerie, and thence the animals were just for fun of the king. He forced them to fight with each other, arranged spectacle. The collection was a huge lions, monkeys, deer and many other creatures. Once Carrhae saw the palace led two people, a man and a boy. They were father and son. But not treated so politely and with them, the father immediately put in chains and firmly grabbed the boy. It was scary, but continued to look Carrhae. Magee was surrounded by poor youngster, and after a moment he turned wolf and attacked the guards. Within seconds, a platoon of elite guards was killed, and the walls of the hall were painted in red. With the battle guards still forced out of the wolf, and he fled into the dense forest. It was one of the strongest memories Curraha. Many years later, he learned that the boy, whose name was Beynhallou, now bears the name of the Lycanthrope.
In the seventh year of the life of a royal spy guy he brought to the palace a new creature. She was dragged to the king, in chains, and she began to speak, though not move his mouth. She asks one thing – freedom. King only laughed and ordered the beast to speak to him on the fun, and when he refused, he whacked his scepter and gave the order to send the creature to prison.
A few months boy courting a mighty creature, secretly brought her food and medicine, but they are only slightly pushed away the complete exhaustion. Without a word beast spoke to the boy, and over time their relationship has intensified so much that Carrhae realized he could communicate with all the inhabitants of the royal menagerie. But after a time the animal died. Curraha only one who talked to him, talked and taught, was dead. In the boy she accused of the king.
Remembering all the rage, the king caused him, his father’s death, loss of home, horrible treatment of them, but the last straw was the death of his friend. He could not bear the pain of loss and the beast fell into a rage. Because he has learned to communicate with beasts, he led them to war against the servants of the king, opening the cells and releasing the animals in the palace ground. The ability to awaken in other beings their inner rage really helped him. This pogrom was death zakusan, peck and zatsarapan king himself.
While confusion reigned, curry released one of the king’s deer, and he bowed. Then Carrhae riding on a deer jumped over the high walls of the palace and rode away from that accursed place. Learning to move around on rough terrain, curry adapt himself to use two tomahawk that can pave the way as through the forest and through the enemy line. Now Beastmaster Beastmaster Carrhae nicknamed a grown man, but he has lost the ability to speak en with wild beasts. An orphan from the royal menagerie turned into an indomitable warrior nature. His tomahawks overtake anyone who gets in his way.

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