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Dota2 : Bane

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Absolutely everyone has their fears. Whether king or peasant, soldier, or craftsman, a demon or hero, all have weaknesses.
Fear, which was carrying the goddess of nightmares Niktash, made styt blood in the veins of even the most courageous warriors. But no one could not assume that the fear may be even stronger.
From the darkest corners of the soul goddess Atropos left, causing pure fear. He took the immortal goddess, and its shape has gained from intensive blood Niktash fears.
When Bane Elemental travels around the world, the horror covers the ground around him. Innermost fears go outside and forced to bow before the power of Atropos.
Goddess Blood is constantly oozing with elemental body, soaking the ground. All the soldiers refuse to close our eyes when on the battlefield this horror there, because nothing compares with what they see in a dream.
Bayne feels its enemies a long insomnia Enfeeble, so their ability to fight sharply reduced. But, falling into sleep, they expect more trouble.
Strange nightmares Atropos deliver enormous pleasure. Weakened opponents are well suited to profit by their vitality with the help Brain Sap.
Bane comes not only in dreams, his fears overtake the victim at any time. The ability of the goddess Niktash Nightmare plunges the victim into a nightmare.
If plagued by nightmares of consciousness, the Fiend’s Grip materializes the worst phobia from the unconscious victim and forces to break not only the soul but also the body.
Night defender Mirana would be very grateful if the nightmares overtake those that dare to invade the sacred forest. In gratitude, she will deal with the purpose of Atropos.
By Night Stalker opinion, only he has the right to reign in the night, but he had to catch up on all the living fear when darkness falls. So he tries to destroy Bane, to remain a full-fledged master of the night.

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