Dota2 : Axe HD

Dota2 : Axe

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As soon as the Mogul Khan found himself in the army, he wanted to become a Red Mist General. Either way it proved its superiority over the other. It did not stop even killing their allies and commanders.
The more friends Mogul Khan is killed in battle, the closer he got to the coveted rank of general. One day, after a big battle, the warrior took the title – Axe. But no more soldiers, which he could manage.
It is not known from whom killed more soldiers of the Red Mist, or enemies of the Aqsa Mosque, but now no one warrior will not be under his banner. Mogul Khan is satisfied, because in the fight can not count on anyone but yourself.
Ax is always in the thick of any battle. He wants to take itself all the enemies to get more glory. He is even ready to distract the enemies, so that they only attacked him. Berserker’s Call makes all join with him in an unequal battle.
Overconfidence leads Mogul Khan enemies angry, but what can they do against such a powerful opponent. Battle Hunger will not disappear as long as they do not vent his anger on some poor guy.
Aksu no matter whom to kill in combat, so he likes to use Counter Helix. During the battle, the warrior just spinning around him with an ax. Any attack on the hero may be the last for his opponent.
If the enemy shows weakness during the battle, the Axe immediately struck a fatal blow with his mighty ax. Nothing can protect the enemy rage Culling Blade. This is such a strong blow that breaks the enemy in pieces.
A great ally for themselves, Ax said the one who allows to kill more enemies. Such a hero like Dark Seer can pull enemies to the Mogul Khan, and then he will deal with them.
The radius of the ax is much smaller than the spell, so to fight with magicians is quite difficult. But if the majority of them can simply leave the Necrophos does not forgive mistakes and if the hero has lost too much health, punishes him a fatal blow.

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