Dota2 : Ancient Apparition Wallpapers hd

Dota2 : Ancient Apparition

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Cauldre – it is a true product of the cold emptiness that existed prior to the time before the birth of the universe.
Silent horror Ancient Apparition roams the world in anticipation of his death. Some say that before Cauldre was much more powerful, but, over time, weaken. Others say that the force being increased day by day, which brings the end of the universe.
When the universe is on the verge of destruction, Ancient Apparition will reveal its true power and will not be the salvation of his icy anger, capable of stopping matter and energy.
The terrible cold depletes the body of an ancient Cauldre, all the earth is impregnated with ice. Anyone who linger too long near, can stay forever in the icy prison Cold Feet.
Icy wind of the north are subject to only one host, a true patron of the cold. Ancient Apparition creates a zone of low temperatures Ice Vortex, which when released into the blood in the veins begins to turn enemies into ice, and the body can not maintain the same agility.
Filling their allies ice magic, the hero increases their strength, but the death of the body just can not cope with the cold, so the speed of the former they can not see during Chilling Touch.
To feel all the enemies of the danger posed by the immortal body of the ice master, Cauldre is destructive storm Ice Blast from the heart of the pristine emptiness.
Contrary to the opinion that the cold slows down the spread of poison and disease, together with the Venomancer Ancient Apparition only complement each other. Paralyzing poison and deadly cold leave enemies die in the middle of the battlefield.
Legions Phantom Lancer soldiers fall of mighty spells Cauldre, but in their place is even more warriors. This continues for as long as the sorcerer does not weaken and the enemy gets to it.

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