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Dota2 : Alchemist

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Alchemy – is not only a profession, I would say, is an art. Here it is necessary not only to know what and how much, and feel it is important to the process, such as temnovarov Dark Bru. In each of their generation had an outstanding alchemist, who was considered great until his death. In the same century, all the hopes pinned on a small Razz, which has an early age showed incredible results in alchemy.
His father owned a shop alchemical, which sold not only the necessary items for alchemy, but also rare stones, which could be obtained only by means of alchemy. Young Razz worked in the shop with his father, earning a good penny. But we know these geniuses, they never get enough. And so it was with Razzilom, he wanted more gold, and made a promise not only to himself but also to his father, that is sure to become the richest alchemist on the ground.
As time went on, grew Razz, his skills got better. It does not help his father in the shop, it now occupies an important position of state alchemist, which should prevent any illegal use of alchemy. But fate is not so simple, and in one of the jobs he found a lab that illegally produced gold. It was terrible quality, but the fact that this made him think.
To study in detail the formula, he added some ingredients and decided to perform an experiment. For the experiments, he used copper coins, filling her pre-prepared solution. Coin smoke, and then was cotton with a thick mist. When it dissipated, instead of copper coins lay golden plate. His euphoria swept finally his dream starts to come true. And from that moment he began to turn into gold everything that falls under the arm.
Razz ceased to appear in the service, and in his mind matured chic plan to get a lot of gold at once. It is necessary to turn the huge mountain of stones in a huge mountain of gold. They began training needed rare ingredients. And after months of Razz I was almost ready for transmutation. He drove a huge amount of the solution, while there were a lot of people who wanted to look at this miracle. With the help of pumps, he began to pour the solution of the mountain and at the same moment all hissed, and began to emerge a cloud of smoke. “Well, soon everything will end” – Razz thought, but then thundered a loud explosion. Rocks scattered in different directions, have suffered a lot of people and buildings. For this crime he immediately thrown in jail. But they do not just put him in irons, but also sat down beside him hungry man-eater who has already drooling and barely restrained so as not to eat Razz.
From the first days Razz pondering a plan to escape from prison. Since he races from Keane, who do not have great physical strength, he decided to escape from prison with the help of his cellmate – a man-eating ogre. Razz persuaded ogre named Al, that he did not eat it, and in return promised freedom and a lot of food. Al of course agreed, and Razz started immediately gathering ingredients for escape.
First, he wanted to create an acid burn, and prison bars, but after the failure occurred to him a great idea – to cook the potion berserk. Drunk he fell into a wild rage and destroy all enemies in its path. Entering the corrective work, Razz every day bit by bit collecting the necessary ingredients from different herbs, fungi and moss. And by the end of the week the potion was ready.
After tasting potion ogre fell into a blinding rage, after which it was impossible to stop. With his bare hands he straightened bars of prison bars, Razz put around his neck and walked toward the exit, but his path was blocked by guards, clad in iron armor. The strength of the man-eater was so huge that he turned his eyes Razz custody in canned, literally smashed their bare hands, and moved on. At a stroke, he broke the gates of the prison and went into the woods surrounding the town, where he disappeared, leaving behind a mountain of destruction and mutilated bodies.
Since then, the ogre-eater and Razz always work in tandem, complementing each other perfectly, combining a sharp mind and unprecedented power. Cherishing the moment when they will again be able to carry out the experiment on the transmutation of the whole mountain into gold.

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