Dota2 : Abaddon High

Dota2 : Abaddon

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By tradition, every kind of baby Averno has to touch the mysterious fog that comes from an ancient fault. This kind of fog given to representatives of magical powers and strengthen ties with their ancestors.
In fact, the fountain clouding reason and forced to guard it for centuries. That all changed when the ritual took place a little Abaddon. The fog did not obey his mind, like the rest, he gave his own opinion.
Unusual baby initially caused suspicion among the elders, and when refused by the study of martial arts and took up meditation, it does become an outcast.
At a time when his peers spend all their time in the military camp, Abaddon was sitting near the fountain and peered into the mist.
Nobody believed that he could prove himself worthy in battle, but in the first Abaddon battle proved so strong the magic of owning life and death, that he Lord Averno imbued with respect to the young soldier.
Humility and self-sacrifice is so developed in Abaddon that he is able to give his own health to its allies. The strength of the fog Mist Coil allows vital energy to convert into a weapon for murder.
Not only protects the genus Averno Fountain, but also magic mist Aphotic Shield can absorb the damage that cause his subordinates. Fog behaves like a living organism, and with each stroke generates rage when the thicket of patience overflows, it explodes with murderous effect.
Through his magic sword Abaddon attempts to subdue the power of all their enemies Fountain. Attacks Curse of Avernus penetrate into the brain and cloud the minds of opponents. They start to think bad and move much more slowly.
As a true son of Averno is close to death, the magic mist envelops his body and zhivitsya forces opponents. The stronger and fiercer enemies attack Abaddon, the more energy absorbs Borrowed Time.
Two completely different faith and different objectives do not interfere with Abaddon fight on the same side with Omniknight. Perhaps together they do not overwhelm the army, but they can stand up to any army.
The hero is not afraid to be on the verge of death, but in the fight against the Axe he can not help magic mist fountain.

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