Dota 2 : Winter Wyvern Pictures

Dota 2 : Winter Wyvern

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Winter Wyvern is a hero with a ranged attack, the main characteristic of which is the Intelligence of intelligence. The first ability, Arctic Burn, gives the hero bonus attack range and ability to fly. The second ability, Splinter Blast, attacking the enemy with shard of ice. When hitting the target fragment is divided into several sections that slow and deal damage to surrounding enemies, leaving the initial goal intact. Third ability, Cold Embrace, encases in ice ally or himself while restoring a percentage of maximum health, and also blocking all physical damage. The ultimate ability, Winter’s Curse, imposes on the battlefield cold, causing the targeted enemy to freeze in place. All surrounding allies of the enemy unit falls into an uncontrollable frenzy, starting to beat him.
History: Like other great poets, Auroth not enough time to write, but the Winter Wyvern’s life is full of surprises. Epic Aldbury famous for its long and rich history, but some cautiously suggested that the remaining scientists dragons are not as prolific as their ancestors, because since the prosperity in Elderslie legend was added only a few lines. Aurat laments: “We have forgotten that life is not only about defeating enemies and conquering lands. Everyone should try to Express themselves creatively”. She was going on a research expedition to search for new books and inspiration. But this research can be terribly tiring and distracting from the creative process, which should take much more time. Though Aurat should be lurking in her lair, constantly adding to the legend, she often enters into a great battle with strong opponents. She scours the castles and ancient library, and the glory, honored in the process of their search, said a side effect of their research. Her skill and bravery on the battlefield are legendary, but in the throes of creation, she was not able to create that would deserve recognition. She will not be satisfied with the role of hero tales. She wants to be its author.

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