Dota 2 : Shadow Demon desktop wallpaper

Dota 2 : Shadow Demon

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There supreme demons. Initially there were two – Doom and Shadow Fiend. But once there was a third, which is forever left his mark in history, and his name is Shadow Demon. Since its inception, it has not been so strong, so he had every possible way to survive in this horrible world. He urged all and sundry, and he regularly performed their desires.
It all started with the fact that he called an old witch and ordered to fulfill its requirements. He demanded to impose a curse on the enemy, and the desire was fulfilled. Shortly thereafter, the wizard began to call him a much more powerful person. Demonology tyrants desire that Shadow Demon performed. Performed by their desires, he left a loophole in their hearts for himself. And the one who thought of himself as the master of Shadow Demon, soon turned into his servant.

Hundreds of years of Shadow Demon collected his cult under the scheme and became powerful. He no longer ministered to anyone, and he was noticed higher demons, who offered him to unite in an alliance that became known as the Triad. Dividing powers is our way to cover all aspects of life and death. But Shadow Demon had his own plan. Since he was a first-class master of deception and lies, he began to gather his own army secret from the Triad to gain power over the world.

Hundreds of years of effort were not in vain, and soon will come true plan. All is going well, if not one accident. Shadow Fiend was hungry, he needed a shower, and the dirtier it is, the better. Finding a soul, he stared at it with all his teeth. But what was his surprise when this vile little soul was thoroughly permeated with energy Shadow Demon. Then Shadow Fiend understood that devised Shadow Demon. He immediately told the Duma all, and after a conversation, they decided to once and for all put an end to the Shadow Demon, and went to his evil abode.

The way they blocked his army, but to deal with it was not difficult. Reaching the Shadow Demon, they attacked him, using him against the strongest spells and curses. His body was torn to pieces, and in a moment was gone from him. But they did not know that his shadow can not be destroyed, and it will use all their strength to recover. It will be a long time before all the pieces of Shadow Demon will come together to create a new body, even stronger and more powerful.

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