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Release Date: May 13, 2016
Developer; Publisher: id Software; Bethesda, 1C-SoftKlab
Genre: Action-Shooter / 1st Person
Platform: PC, X-One, PS4
id Software Studio on everyone’s lips, who has ever touched their creations – series Wolfenstein, Quake and Doom. Bloody, fast and spectacular, the game will give players a new experience, they formed a genre of traditional shooter, and became the ancestors of many multiplayer modes. Including – the most sought after in the Deathmatch today.
Today, years after the legendary Doom 3 and Quake 3, the developers decided to create innovation, returning to the roots. On the stage – a completely new DOOM with familiar orders. Blood and hardcore action – all in the old tradition, but in a new wrapper. Quick battles with hordes of demons, a huge arsenal of weapons, even brutal character was supplemented with acid colors and color totally unnecessary statistical medals and badges.
The plot of the game is the same laconic as ever: a colony on Mars is no longer signs of life, and to investigate, on the distant red planet sent to one of the famous fighter units “DOOM”. In the process he learned that the colony captured demons who threaten to destroy all life in the solar system. In this case, before the infantry only one task – to destroy the threat.
Familiar Association: Doom – the plot, Quake – multiplayer. Now, the developers seem to have decided to combine it all together: create a story with dark corridors and huge bosses, parallel to introducing traditional multiplayer with orientation on a large number of players online. So, experienced businessmen from Certain Affinity with great responsibility and a great attitude to the seriousness of his work, making a long-awaited piece of candy on old recipes, but with the addition of a pinch of new chips.
One of the key innovations of the system has become huge in-game customization, which includes changes in the profile, character, weapons, their colors, and more. The game looked like a Call Of Duty, where players like to wear too many ornaments ornaments and trinkets.
Even the initial arsenal available for vneigrovyh changes – there is always an opportunity to collect a comfortable laying open: select the main and sub weapons, grenades, some other devices (eg, portable teleporters). Each barrel is available for improvements and changes – on the battlefield is not there a man not having with you sweet and frilly plasma gun. Fan of this is dependent on the age of the player.
In the eye, in addition to the set menu customizations, catches the variety of multiplayer modes. Here are some of them:
Team fight
The classic Deathmatch mode, the main role in which plays a control spawn points runes. The logic of this is simple: the one who has extra armor, health and other Bustami – wins the game. So, on the ground spawn fueled by serious confrontation from which either selected the winner almost killed, or dead. Created specifically for adorer classic.
The familiar mode retention points. The winner is the team that is rapidly gaining the right amount of points. On the gameplay is affected more by demonic rune, after the use of which the player turns into a merciless demon. In this mode, these runes appear randomly on the field and their occurrence is reported to both teams.
Harvest of souls
Something similar to Team Deathmatch. The problem in this mode – collecting souls of dead enemies. These souls appear for a short time at the place of death, and they are going to not only teammates but also enemies. The winner is the one who gets more total units for the expiration time. But there is a trick of the regime: the battle constantly accompanied by a demon-player who collects the destruction of not one soul, like all fighters, and two, that gives it a distinct advantage. So, there is another task: to destroy the demon and beat out for his team demonic rune with his corpse.
Clan arena
This mode is suitable for those who are bored of those fireworks with runes and wants the old hardcore. Here – no runes, no recovery of health, limited ammo and severe battle Shootout.
A relatively new mode of team cohesion, carrying the principle of the old children’s game. The men with huge guns blazing run to each other and try to freeze. Frozen player loses the ability to move and shoot, it can only help teammates who must stand up to ice floe certain time. The winner is the one who will freeze all of his opponents.
One of the most dynamic in the game mode. This is the same King of the Hill, but the only place that you need to capture and retain all the time moves erratically on the map. However, it is moved and demonic rune. The winner is the one who attains the required number of points deduction.
society also stands out for 4 people and the ability to pass custom locations together. Is not this a reason to collect the cheerful company to save the world from the bloodthirsty monsters? For a change, the process suggested to raise the difficulty to the max!
DOOM – it is an occasion for the team of fun, despite the well-preserved the concept of a purely male bloodthirsty shooter. With some minor flaws and key changes in the strategy itself multiplayer battles, the game reminded the elderly that have Doom and beginners enabled povybivat enemies with numbers, take a couple of fighters and collect medalek emo with worn overalls.
DOOM in 2016 – is the supply of the old tale in a new way.

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