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Donnie Yen is an actor and martial artist, director and producer, screenwriter and stage director, world wushu championship winner who has repeatedly collaborated on film sets with Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Michel Yeo, who popularizes Wing Chun’s martial discipline, recognized as a key star. martial arts in Hong Kong, one of the most highly paid actors in Asia, has received the greatest fame through participation in the films “Hero”, “Ip Man” and “Shanghai Knights”.

short biography
Born July 27, 1963 in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton. The mother of the future actor, Mai Baochan, was professionally engaged in wushu, and her father, Klister Yong, was the editor of the newspaper. Two years after the birth of her son, the family moved to Hong Kong. When Yenu was eleven, her parents again prepared for the move. This time their journey lay in the United States of America. The family settled in Boston, Massachusetts. By that time, in the family, besides Donnie, his younger sister Chris En was already brought up, who also followed in the footsteps of her mother in the study of martial arts, and later, like Denny, became an actress. Having settled in America, Mai Baochan realized her long-time dream. She opened her own hall, where she taught martial arts. Quite quickly, the place became popular not only among Bostonians, but throughout the United States. Of course, Donny went to classes at the club. The boy was so carried away by the martial arts that he did not just review all the thematic films, but also got involved in real-life battles.

A young man addicted to visiting the hot spots in Boston. This was the so-called “Fighting Zone”, where illegal combat fights were practiced. The parents, who learned about this hobby in time, sent their son to a two-year study in Beijing as part of a wushu team. After completing his studies, Yon made a decision to return to America. On the way to the States, Denny visited Hong Kong, where he managed to get to the casting for the new film “Drunken Shaolin Master”. The director Yuan Heping, without hesitating a minute, approved the young man for the role – the spectacular battle improvisation that Yeon showed during the trial struck everyone present. This film marked the beginning of the five-year partnership of the newly-made actor and director. Together, they created such masterpieces of combat cinema as The Tiger’s Cage, The Taoist Drunkard, and The Drunk Tai Chi. Donnie was the first widely known thanks to the shooting of the action movie Tsui Hark “Once Upon a Time in China-2”. His work was awarded a prize for the best performance of a male supporting role.

In 1993, Denny was awarded the World Stunt Awards for the best fight for the film “Iron Monkey”, based on an ancient legend of Robin Hood. One of the most famous projects of Yen was the film-parable of 2002, created by director Zhang Yimou “Hero”. Together with Danny, the roles in the film were performed by Jet Li, Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi. The tape was nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe awards. Later, the actor took part in the work on the continuation of the mystical thriller Guillermo del Toro “Blade 2”, where he worked part-time as a stage director. In 2000, David Dobkin’s adventure comedy “Shanghai Knights” starred with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in the lead roles. Detective fighter Peter Chan “The Swordsman”, filmed in 2011, became one of the late roles of Denny Yen. The actor played the main role in the film.

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