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Don Cheadle – a famous Hollywood actor, musician, director, screenwriter and producer, multiple nominee and winner of such prestigious awards as the “Emmy”, “Golden Globe”, “Actors Guild Award” and “Oscar”. Wide popularity was due to played roles in the movies “The height of the” Hamburger “,” “Road prophets,” “Colors,” “Volcano,” “Iron Man” (second and third parts), “Man-meteor,” “Rosewood,” ” traffic, “” Ocean’s Eleven “and many others.
Donald Frank Cheadle, better known as the American actor Don Cheadle, originally from Kansas City. However, in a town in the state of Missouri in the United States, he did not live long. Almost from the day he was born on 29 November 1964, the actor’s family moved a lot. Both parents Don learned from psychologists, but most of the specialty working Cheadle Donald Senior, while the mother of the future actor, Cheadle Betty, are employed in the financial sector and has been the manager of a bank. In addition to the wife of Don Cheadle and brought his sister Dawn and brother Colin. In addition, the actor has a half-brother Andrew.
After the family settled in Colorado Cheadle, Don went to study in the Eastern High School in Denver. There he was a member of the children’s choir. After school, the actor became a student at the Fine Arts Institute of California, after which received a bachelor’s degree. Yielding to the influence of his college friends, Don Cheadle began to attend all kinds of castings and auditions. For the sake of attracting attention to himself for a while, he even appeared on stage in a comedy stand-up genre.
For the first time on screen, aspiring actor appeared in the early 80s, when he finally managed to get a permanent job in the once popular television series “Fame”. Then, Cheadle starred in short films in 1984 “3 days”, directed by John Meredith Lucas. It is thanks to his invitation, the actor was able to draw on the views of filmmakers. This was followed by shooting in a number of television series and comedy in 1985, “The impending violence”, and already after it screens out a military action movie “Height” Hamburger “,” where the actor played a leading role. When the film came out, not one had any doubt that the charismatic young man from Denver has undeniable talent. Offers poured in about the shooting, and as a minor, as well as the key roles. A series of roles on television has become a game to be replaced by a movie. Today behind Cheadle more than seventy roles. Many of the paintings with his participation have become popular and loved. Among them, the dramatic film “Boogie Nights,” the thriller “Devil in a Blue Dress,” a criminal action movie “Colors”, a historical drama “Rosewood”, fiction film “Man-meteor”, the picture is Paul Haggis, “Crash,” thriller “Out of of “thriller” Traffic “adventure” Ocean’s Twelve “and, of course, popular blockbusters” Iron man – 2 “and” Iron man -3 “.

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