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Dominic Purcell

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Dominic Purcell – American and Australian actor, famous for the films “Blade 3: Trinity”, “Motel”, “Ice Soldiers”, “Prison Break: Final Break”, “Equilibrium”, “Mission: Impossible 2” , the TV series “John Doe”, “Escape.”

Short biography
Dominic Khokun Mirtved Purcell was born on February 17, 1970 in Wallace, England. Dominic is the oldest of five Purcell children. Grandfather Dominic on the paternal side is Norwegian, and grandmother is American of Irish descent.

When Dominic was two years old, the family moved from England to Australia, to the Sydney Bondi, then to the Western Suburbs.

In his youth, Dominic was actively involved in sports, adored surfing (good physical training helped the actor to subsequently independently perform tricks in action movies). The guy wanted to become a landscape designer and even thought about creating his own company with his friends. However, according to Dominic, the gardening affairs bored him very quickly. His fate was changed by Oliver Stone’s Platoon (1986) with Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe in the lead roles. Viewing the picture inspired Dominic to become an actor – he decided to enroll in an acting school. Soon Purcell became a student of the Western Academy of Performing Arts and went to work at the Australian Theater for Young People (“ATPY”). By the way, in the drama school, Dominic met Hugh Jackman, who studied with him on the same course. There, Dominic met his first spouse – actress Rebecca Williamson (who later gave him four children).

At age 18, Dominic made his debut in an episode of the Australian television series “Home and Go” (1988), playing Constable Rodgers. Then there were other works on T: “The Lost World”, “Moby Dick”, “Radio boom”, “Water rats”, “School of broken hearts”.

For several years of his career, Dominic became a TV star in Australia. In 2000, the 30-year-old actor won the Green Card Lottery and moved to America, where he settled in Los Angeles with his family. By that time, he had a son, Joseph (born August 12, 1999). On January 30, 2001, Audrey’s daughter was born.

Dominic did not get lost in Hollywood, besides, he already had experience working with Americans. Back in 1999, he played in the American film Arman Mastroianni “The First Daughter”, which tells about the kidnapping of the president’s daughter.

Dominic also managed to get the role of Ulric in the blockbuster John Woo “Mission: Impossible 2” with Tom Cruise in the lead role.

However, a major breakthrough occurred in 2002, when the 32-year-old actor appeared on screens in the lead role in the American television series “John Doe” (2002 – 2003). Dominic played the role of a mysterious handsome man who had lost his memory, and immediately attracted the attention of an English-speaking television audience.

In 2002, Dominic cemented his popularity by appearing on movie screens in the fantastic Thriller Equilibrium by Kurt Wimmer, where he played with Christian Bale, Tay Diggs, Angus MacFadyen, Sean Bean, Emily Watson and William Fichtner.

On July 7, 2003, Dominic became the father of many children – the spouses were born twins Lily-Rose and Augustus. In 2005, he became the main character of the series “Escape” (2005-2009), which showed high ratings.

By the 2014th year, during his 14-year American career, Purcell played in a variety of action films. Among them are such famous paintings as “Blade 3: The Trinity” (2004), “The Officer Is Wounded” (2012), “The Ice Soldiers” (2013), “The Attack On Wall Street” (2013) And Others.

In 2014, Dominic played the lead role in Canadian sports drama Damien Lee “The Fighter”, where he played the role of a former boxer with a wounded heart.

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