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Dodge Tomahawk

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Since the presentation of this fantastic contraption has been more than 10-five years. But look at the photo of “Something”. Is today, it is less impressive than it in Detroit 2003?
In the creation of the Dodge Tomahawk, it invested $100 million.dt1.1 Only think about those numbers, that would be enough for the development and setting up of production, some sort of massive vehicles, but the Americans did It! Four — wheeled motorcycle, with an engine from a Dodge Viper! Yes, this is no typo! In motion, the rear wheels of this monster leads petrol V10, a volume of 8.3 liters And is the fastest motorcycle in the world!
Originally, it was supposed to produce 300 such Superbikes ( in the head even come Association Trestle Spartans)), but in the end, there was only a 9-ive such units.
About price of Dodge Tomahawk
To buy a brand new Dodge Tomahawk,dt1.2 can be had for 550 000$. Say that fabulous price, not given to see the world, all — trentham planned Tomahawk.
It is also interesting that at the top of the Dodge, said that the Tomahawk created more for aesthetic pleasure than for the real drive. This is not surprising, a little below, You will understand why.
On The Exterior:
As you can see, each axis of the Tomahawk, not one but two wheels.dt1.3 the Creators of this monster, saying that it was necessary, because only through one rear wheel, pass such extraordinary power, would be impossible. The huge interest is that each of the four wheels has its own independent suspension.
Take a look at photos of Dodge Tomahawk,dt1.4 is V10 from the Dodge, not impressive? Curb weight of this unit, 680кг — not too much less than that of the small city car. But such weights were achieved through the use of: Titanium, Aluminum, Carbon fiber and even Magnesium.
By the way, if you look at the wheels Dodge Tomahawk, it just would not be able to pay attention to the huge brake calipers. In front, on each of the two wheels, the Tomahawk, installed eight-piston caliper, and rear — chetyrehporshnevye.
On the rise:
Landing, as you can see here lying. Again, this is not surprising, considering what speed able this beast. Place only one.
Specifications Of Dodge Tomahawk
The power of the engine of Dodge Tomahawk is 500L.with. By motorcycle standards, is just not a real indicator! No less striking and transmission, it is here mechanical, two-speed!
Up to 100km per hour, this beast is broken in just 2.5 s. the maximum Speed of the Tomahawk equal 468км per hour. However, official confirmation of the fact that this mechanical creature, able to travel more than 200km per hour, no.
The results:
It is obvious that Dodge Tomahawk is not the safest vehicle in the world. And it is a pleasure to admire them rich aesthetes as, say, a rare collector’s car? — this question is very controversial. Perhaps among the wealthy, just not so many madmen. But, during the presentation, representatives of Dodge, said that the Tomahawk designed for them.

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