Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition HD

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

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“Divinity: Original Sin became one of the most grateful RPG for many years. Her quests and battles have pushed me to the grave thinking about my actions and their consequences, which I usually do not I can say about the modern RPG. Its depth, personality and tough fights easily allow Divinity even compete with heavyweights like Dragon Age: Origins “.
It was hard to imagine that the old school complex and Original Sin may be available on consoles, but the Enhanced Edition without any losses suffered last year successfully hit on new platforms. Although claims to inventory management remain in place, incredible interactive world Rivellona and deep role-playing system is still with us, alive and unharmed.
Divinity is in the details
Original Sin was very complex, so it requires the player to handle the huge amount of information. Enhanced Edition copes with the task of removing all of this information on the TV screen, so that it was easy to read off the couch. Naturally, appropriately organized layout gamepad. Fuss with knapsacks members of my squad is still cumbersome and time consuming, but thanks to the wise use of the radial menu and comfortable gamepad layout, the problem is not so serious. Triangle (or Y) always causes a detailed certificate stating that you are looking at the square (B) provides a list of possible actions with the object. This consistency allows you to always have at your fingertips everything you need, and therefore easy to take important decisions: do not get distracted from the game.
New pages of the book of spells
In terms of new content is the most significant innovation is the full voice of all the NPC, which simplifies the task of immersion and without detailed Rivellon. new locations and skills also appeared. This is very good, but the Divinity originally was so full and strong that this addition seems unnecessary bonus rather than an important addition in qualitative terms. For example, the ability to fight with two swords – that’s fine, but hardly can be called a novelty worthy cause for repetition Original Sin, if you have previously spent in her 100 hours.
However, the reason for repetition is still there. Local multiplayer via split-screen co-op is much more curious usual on the web. You can share your game and explore Rivellon independently or to address important issues through play “rock, paper, scissors.” Specifically, it makes an already unique Divinity even closer to the real “nastolki”. By the way, all of the above, including support for gamepads and co-op on the same screen, was added to the Original Sin on the PC and the next update is available free of charge to its owners.
If you need a RPG with the most skills and options, with a world that is constantly on the case and uses each line of the list of characteristics of your characters, then Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition – the best option for you. In the world there are more beautiful, more affordable, less congested role-playing games, but the other follower of the true role of the spirit is very difficult to find.

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