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The oldest, a dangerous and complicated form of motorsport. A household name, he got to the Monte Carlo Rally in 1907, but the event appeared long before and started as climbing a mountain on a single SU (special sections) of public roads.
The key features of the rally are the variables of weather, time of day, road conditions and high speed on narrow lanes. The only form of motorsport where the driver is unable to drive fast without assistance, for which the existence of regulations rely Assistant – navigator.
All of these fundamental aspects of the Rally is not only considered “kodemasterami” in DiRT Rally, but also performed at the highest level. Never before in game was not so highly detailed volume of pavement (and the implementation of the differences between different types) and saturated weather conditions. Snow, blizzard, rain, rain, fog, clouds of smoke behind the car – it looks better than Richard Burns Rally, Colin McRae Rally 5 and 5 World Rally Championship.
The player can choose different kinds: from the bonnet of the cockpit, “chasing” the inner chamber of the bucket of the pilot and navigator, and after arrival to see the picturesque repeat from cameras along the route, and a helicopter.
After a “rest” on the DiRT: Showdown «kodemastery” did a great job to bring the physics in the game to a level that satisfies the majority of computer fans rally racing. The game supports the steering wheel with pedals: Control pleasant, but the thrill of the reverse movement and feedbacks require getting used to, at least, when compared with Project CARS felt certain simplified process.
Control on the keyboard has been brought to perfection and now this indicator is not inferior to the game WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship from Milestone. However, this benefit is not available right “out of the box”: “kodemastery” decided to convey to the promise of the players that everyone has to learn to adjust itself under control of the machine itself, and therefore the default absolutely all the cars in the game are far from optimal.
Also, the system was introduced, according to which the deep setting specific numbers (not just the sliders) are opened in the settings after a pumping teh.personala team player. Do not be lazy to configure Suspension (suspension) and Damping (Damping) …
… From them it depends what kind of control has the car at medium and high speeds; limiting regulation only differentials, brakes and transmissions, you can forget about a comfortable ride. By the way, ready to machine settings can be obtained from other Steam-players.
That additional settings with concrete figures can comfortably play on the keyboard and adjust the machine for different Rally correctly. A machine in the game a lot:
rally motocross monsters FIA World Rallycross Championship, Hill Climb Pikes Peak and machinery classic rally: the sixties, seventies and eighties, Group B four-wheel drive and monoprivod, Group A, F2 kitcar, R4, WRC 2000-x, WRC 2010-x.
I recommend starting with WRC category as the more modern and advanced in the management of vehicles on slippery roads.
A track in the game, it must be said, made feast for the eyes: Monte Carlo, Finland, Germany, Greece and Sweden. Fixed omission of the last parts of the game where runs were no more than 5 km – SU now has 10 km and more. And add more night, precipitation and a 10-minute battle SU – just what the doctor has prescribed the suffering soul of the true rally driver.
damage DiRT Rally system provides not only visual dents, scrapes and detachments of parts, but also the deformation of the body and assemblies of the machine from a distance for various reasons: the total destruction of the car due to a collision, due to the destruction of key components and because of the departure from the road in ravine, from which fans can not hand pushed the car. Some objects along the tracks can churn – signs, wooden beams, but it is better not to abuse the wide paths and do not “cut” from the navigator – to perform without hesitation. Breakdown units can be corrected after every two SU and the time the service is limited, so the key attention turn to the turbine, gearbox, drive (on slippery SU), and before the night Su – a little attention to the body, not to go on the road with a broken chandelier additional lighting.
And let the game is not quite perfect, often the navigator wants to give to the neck, not all the stages of WRC are represented in the game and there is a design editor trails lyubitelskih mods that would create such multikilometer iconic monsters-SS as a ElKondor and Ouninpohja (which is in the game, by the way, there is a counterfeit called in abbreviated form)
… But let someone (SMS – Project CARS 2, Milestone – Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO) will do better.
Currently DiRT Rally – №1 rally sim and Masthev for fans to drive cars in the mud.
P.S. Fly in the ointment, which without it: the game is only available for PC owners with 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 and graphics with DX11 / 12 support.

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