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Actor Dirk Benedict was born and raised in Helena, Montana, USA. His parents Priscilla Mella Metzger is an accountant, his father George Edward Niewoehner (George Edward Niewoehner, a lawyer. When Dirk was 18, his father died, what the young man was difficult to accept.
From an early age the boy showed great interest in the theatre and cinema. Dirk received a good education, he graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla (Washington). As a student, he participated in theatrical productions and his very fond of this occupation. While training in the first year, he decided to go to the audition “the Spring musical” and won the main role of Gaylord Ravenal in “Showboat”. The next three years, Dirk has participated in many music productions.
After graduation, Dirk passed the two year program John Fernald, head of the Royal Academy of dramatic art in London. He then played at theatres in Seattle and Ann arbor (Michigan), where he played such roles as Edmund in the play “King Lear”, Tarleton in the play “Unequal marriage,” Ensign Pulver in the play “Mister Roberts” and Neil Simon’s play “Star-Spangled Girl”.
Parallel to Benedict maintained an active interest in music and for a time played jazz band “Dixieland/ Dixieland Jazz Band”. Go with a group in new York, he met a Professor who taught him in College who recommended the actor to his friend the agent. More in Seattle Dirk did not return.
He was invited to perform one of the main roles in the Broadway production of “Abelard and Eloise,” where the actor played along with Diana Rigg and Keith Michell. The play was played first on Broadway and then in Los Angeles. Two weeks after the close of the season Dirk won the role in his first significant film “Georgia, Georgia/ Georgia, Georgia” in it, he began acting in 1972 and played a major role, his partner in the shooting was Diana Sands. Film shot entirely in Sweden, and written by the famous writer Maya Angelou, was a member of 23ого International film festival in Berlin.
Upon returning to new York, he replaced Keir Burton thongchanh in the play “Butterfiles are Free/Butterflies are free” on Broadway where he worked with the forever young Gloria Swanson. After new York he received an offer to repeat his performance in Hawaii, along with actress Barbara rush. While there, he appeared as a guest in the TV series “Hawaii Five-O/ the Department 5-O” (1968).
Seeing Benedict in “Hawaii Five-O/ the Department’s 5-O” directed the psychological Thriller “Sssssss” (1973) immediately invited him for the lead. Then there was the role in the Thriller “W” (1974) and the television series “Chopper One” (1974). Then Dirk went to his house in the mountains of Montana, where he worked on the two scenarios, and his first novel, which was released in Montana.
Next, Benedict receives a large number of invitations starting to appear in the series.
In 1978, Dirk naciet to star in the TV series “Battlestar Galactica/ Battlestar Galaktika” in the role of Lieutenant Starbuck, fighter pilot, lover of women and cigars.
Then followed the invitation in the TV series “The A-Team/ a-Team” to play a major role of Lieutenant Templeton Peck, nicknamed pretty boy, where are the other main roles were played by George Peppard, Dwight Schultz and Mr. T. Participation in this project has brought him great popularity.
At the same time he continued his theatrical activities, for example, 1987, the actor played the role of Shakespeare in the production of one of the Abbey theatre. In 2010, Dirk played the role Latinate Colombo in the play “Prescription: Murder”, along with Patrick Ryecart and George Telfer. Currently Dirk plays the main role (December 2010), king Rat, in the play dick Whittington at the theatre in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England.
In addition to acting Dirk wrote the screenplay for the film “Cahoots”, and also acted as the Director of this movie, it was released in 2001.
The actor continues to act in films. One of his last roles – appearance in the film “The A-Team”, created on the basis of the same series. Dirk played a prisoner who gives advice to Beau (played by actor Bradley Cooper), how not to get burnt.
In 1974, Dirk, he was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. Doctors recommended surgery, but he claimed to be cured through a macrobiotic diet recommended by Gloria Swanson, with whom he performed on Broadway in the play “Butterflies are free”, and with the help of exercise. And he did it. In the end, Dirk wrote a book about his experiences called, “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy”. He still follows the diet to this day. Dirk also wrote the book “A Story of Fatherhood, Fate and Forgiveness and Then We Went Fishing/ a Story of fatherhood, Fate and Forgiveness and when we went fishing”
Personal life of actor Dirk Benedict is very rapid and intense, he officially got married in 1986 year, actress Toni Hudson (Toni Hudson), who bore him two sons – George in 1988, and Roland in 1991. But this marriage did not last for too long, in 1995, the Benedict family has disintegrated. He got custody of sons. And moved to his home in Montana. And in 1998, Dirk learned of the existence of another son, John, who was born in 1968 as the result of a forgotten novel of the actor.
Interesting facts:
1. Left ear Dirk suffering from a 50 percent hearing loss because of the failure of a firearm while hunting when he was 12 years old.
2. Regretted it is located near Bigfork, Montana, not from places “the Big Fork/ Big Fork”, as they say many sources.
3. The first friend Dirk was Cynthia Louise Sanders/ Cynthia Louise Sanders. They macalisterthe sophomore year of high school. (School years, the actor 1959 – 1963).
4. The most serious love was in College with a girl – joy Lin Bambi/ Bambi Lynn Joy.

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