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There is a version that the dog dingo arrived in Australia about 4000 years ago, along with immigrants from Asia. Another version: dingo – direct descendants of domestic Chinese Crested dog that appeared on the continent about 6000 years ago. It is also likely that the ancestors of the dingo – Indian wolves and dogs bet.
The Wild Dog Dingo: Description
Dingo has a rather broad head, sharp snout, erect ears, long fangs and a relatively flat skull with prominent occipital lines. The weight of an adult animal is in the range of 13-20 kg, the height at the withers – about 52-60 cm Dimensions males significantly more female sizes.. It is noted that the Australian dingoes are larger than their Asian cousins.
Animal fur is short and thick. In coloration dominated by red color. And the belly and face are lighter pitch. There are also individuals with almost black coat color. They are referred to as hybrids dingoes (presumably with German shepherds). Eye color varies between pale yellow and rich brown.
Wild dog dingo – an animal that has an interesting feature. It lies in the fact that a purebred breed never barks, it is only able to howl and growl.
The image of the life of the dog dingo
Dingo refers to a nocturnal animal. They live mainly on the edges of woods and thickets of dry eucalyptus trees. Lair of these dogs are often located in caves or mountains. But it must be observed prerequisite – location close to any body of water. Enemies can be called dingoes imported European dogs and jackals. Large raptors prey on pups.
The family packs the number of animals of more than 12 individuals. In these flocks is always a strict hierarchy. The principle of its construction are the fights and the feeling of fear.
One pair is dominant. Within its framework, and there is reproduction. If the puppy is not born of the dominant female, he killed her. Multiply dingoes only once a year. In one litter is 8 puppies. For posterity monitor both mother and father. Food grown-up puppies bring all members of the pack.
Feeding dingoes
They feed on small mammals dingoes: kangaroos, rabbits, reptiles, a variety of birds, carrion. Small amounts of these dogs in the diet can include chickens, fish, crabs and other crustaceans. In Thailand, the individual, preying on rats and lizards were seen. When they began to mass breed livestock, dingoes and began to attack him. Therefore, farmers often kill wild dogs. Sometimes these animals do not eat the sheep, but they just cut.
In Asia, as a rule, the dingo eat food dregs: raw fruits, rice, sometimes chicken and fish; at least – lizards and rats. Dingo in Australia is the main predator. Therefore, it saves some species of fauna and regulates the number of herbivores.
Dingo dog at home
Usually these dogs to keep at home is not accepted. Especially in Asia, it is eaten their meat. Who wishes to make such a pet is still there. The special care the dog does not need. The food is unpretentious, is resistant to many diseases, gets along very well with other breeds of dogs.
If we draw an analogy with domesticated, tamed wolves, the Australian dingo – a pet owner. If the owner gives way, then the dog will not survive this, run away, wither or die. Dingo whole soul is tied to his master. But do not forget the ancient strong hunting instincts. Hardly dare least one herder leave a dog in a pen with sheep at night.

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