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Diana Dors

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English actress, sex symbol of her time. To this day it is considered one of the best British analogues of classic Hollywood blonde sex bombs of the middle of the century.
Diana was born in Swindon, England (Swindon, England). After graduating from high school, she entered the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art; At the age of 16 she had already signed a contract with ‘Rank Organization’, having played in a number of their paintings. It was at that time finally formed the stage image of Diana – to an incredible resemblance to the already popular then Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe). Dors played mostly women unhappy, not successful in their personal lives; The irony was that her own personal life later developed according to the same principle.
Obviously, the actress Diana was uncommon; To fully open, however, she never did – at the end of her career, Dorce rolled down to comedies on a sexual subject, often containing elements of light porn. Nevertheless, even in this mode, Diana managed to succeed a lot – at the age of twenty she was the youngest registered owner of Rolls-Royce in the whole of Great Britain.
The best role for Dors is still considered to be the killer from the 1956 film ‘Yield to the Night’; Quite good roles the actress performed in the films ‘The Amazing Mr. Blunden’, ‘The Unholy Wife’ and ‘Timon of Athens’.
A special success in the States Diana achieved and failed; However, recently about the actress again started talking – on the channels of the classic cinema like Turner Classic Movies began to actively spin films with her participation.
In the summer of 1961, Diana worked on the painting ‘The Sorceror’s Apprentice’ – a remake of the classic film novella Robert Bloch (‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’), created once for the project ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ (‘Alfred Hitchcock’ Presents’). The picture was so bad that it was almost immediately banned from airing.
She was married three times. With Dennis Hamilton (Dennis Hamilton) Diane was married on July 3, 1951; The marriage lasted until the death of Hamilton in 1959. Three months later, Dors again married – for Richard Dawson (Richard Dawson); This marriage eventually ended in divorce, but Diana still managed to give birth to Richard, two sons, Mark (Mark) and Gary (Gary). On November 23rd 1968, Dorce played a wedding with actor Alan Lake; This union was broken only by the death of Diana herself.
In 1977, in the British television show ‘Parkinson’, Diana joked about the short life of young blonde beauties of the big screen – like Jean Harlow (Jean Harlow) and Jane Mansfield (Jayne Mansfield). She herself planned to live as long as possible; As a kind of role model, she chose the 87-year-old Mae West. Unfortunately, in full measure to overcome the ‘curse of blondes’ Dors failed – she died on May 4, 1984, from cancer of the yachinikov; At the time of her death, she was only 52 years old.
According to rumors, until her death, Diana managed to hide her considerable fortune – more than 2 million pounds sterling – in the banks of Europe. For 18 months before her death, the actress gave her son Mark a piece of paper with a certain cipher – supposedly holding some code leading to Diana’s state. It is assumed that Lake knew the key to the cipher; He, however, committed suicide five months after the death of his wife. In the end, Dawson – with the help of specialists in cryptography – managed to uncover the code, but he did not bring it to the money; Many argue that there should be another sheet, with a second portion of the tips.

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