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Devil Daggers 2016 not entertaining shooter with the plot, there are no superfluous words, and who – or around a hell of space and heartbreaking paced game.
If you go back in the 90’s, in the days of Doom, Quake and other shooters, Devil Daggers embodies style pixel images and direct combat. With the ability to fire from the fingers, upon the occurrence of the enemies in the middle of a deep abyss – the only goal is to survive for as long as possible.
All you need to kill you – it is a struggle with one enemy. The timer at the top of the screen indicates how long prodolaetsya your game, each round lasts about 60 seconds. As your character dies from time to time, and you type game experience, thereby increasing the time of your existence in the game.
There are some nuances:
Hell’s enemies are many and varied, show very different patterns of behavior;
Giant centipedes down from above;
Horned demons change the height to avoid damage;
Poisonous insects hinder you;
Flying skull presleduschie Rear;
Becoming a rabbit, chicken, crab;
Studying Devil Daggers you will begin to understand how to live his infernal inhabitants and how best to deal with the dangers they represent.
Strong enemies award
Many of the inhabitants of Devil Daggers, capable of spewing small enemies in the area over time. These nests are vulnerable only in certain weak points, so killing them is not budzhet so intense, especially if you have many enemies on his tail. Their offspring, it would be logical to destroy, otherwise they will redistribute the map, leaving less space for your salvation.
The more enemies fill the card, the less secure areas, and in the end you will perish. Moreover, the map is a floating platform in the middle of an endless abyss and fall means failure. As soon as you will bypass the platform and make enemies rush to the edge of the platform will start to roll over, causing you to run through a group of demons back to the center, and not just run away.
Devil Daggers is elegant in its simplicity.
Devil Daggers filled with movements and other subtleties that are not obvious from the outset. On the one hand, the floating platform and strong enemies, and on the other the development of the character. The fall of the red diamonds, collecting the required Number of which, you will add experience. With experience you can upgrade your skills to increase damage.
It is reasonable to apply in later rounds as they will often try to lure you into a trap.
You can also use the shotgun to fire an alternative, seeking more powerful opponents with relative ease. It is also possible for a super jump, you can shoot at a time when the jump.
Increased cooldown shotgun does not bode well against enemy groups, although super jump is to land you in the areas more dangerous than before. Knowing the future, you develop the necessary skills. Thus, you will benefit in points.
Spawn tower punished if they remained intact
You will survive for two minutes on the screen there is a regular slaughter, forming a kaleidoscope of ugly demons blood and polygonal centipedes. Already iszhivshy a pixel style Devil Daggers fits their mechanical theme, but in rare cases it pushes users.
Devil Daggers finds the elegance in its simplicity throughout the entire process. Depriving the splendor of many players, it shows its complexity, forms the basis of which – the exciting, and it’s always worth another try.

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