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On sale one of the biggest games of the year Action Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – about a bleak future for all mankind.
In the yard in 2029, through the streets of Prague, go augmented (with artificial implants in the body) People and armored robots, but the problems of humanity have not changed: corruption, war, the environment, terrorism. Against this background, traces its invisible struggle with the shadow government of the Interpol Agent Adam Jensen. One problem – also have implants, and more recently of people in his body are perceived as potential criminals.
In the cult series Deus Ex, there is one serious problem: to truly appreciate its people are strongly involved in the happening and found a great game in 2000. However, in 2011, developers Eidos Montreal created a miracle with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, seriously reducing the barrier to entry for newcomers, who first discovered for themselves the unique and gloomy universe. Human Revolution was a plot shooter with a set of RPG-elements and easily introduces players to a very confusing picture of the world game. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided by the same development team is already a much more sophisticated version, approximate more to the standards of the original projects.
Deus Ex series belongs to the genre «immersive sim» and involves complete immersion in the given circumstances: Live in this world, as it turns out. For an introductory mission offers three variants of passage and can stump the beginner: what is better, then? That’s a secret, and that the correct response is not expected. The Mankind Divided do not need to be a perfectionist in everything (at least in the first pass): losing in one place, playing in another, collecting the pieces during the passage of its unique history.
Deus Ex series has always been about global conspiracies and secret societies, and in Mankind Divided Adam Jensen did not trust anyone – not even to his colleagues and management. “Illuminati” – Smiling in the briefings at the headquarters of Task Force 29, he secretly merges the information to other groups – “Juggernaut” underground organization, which he hopes will help him get to true customers worldwide riots.
In such circumstances, an unhealthy paranoia begin to see treachery and conspiracy literally everywhere – even next door. Developers are pushing the player’s imagination and provoke him to all sorts of illegal activities. Most often breaking and entering. Prague literally consists of a suspicious doors, secret passages, underground channels, not to mention the famous Prague roofs. Unlike Human Revolution, where the player literally pointing where to go and why, Mankind Divied communicates only hints. As you pass, now depends on you. Prague streets pose a lot of secrets, and other tasks, and to find them, you need to seriously deviate from the plot of the route. To some of the players it will seem strange to someone out of place, and someone tedious. But this entire Deus Ex.
Alterative ways, secret paths, and other secrets – is the possibility of using supernatural abilities of the protagonist. He is able to jump up to the level of the second floor, hands can break walls, or simply see through them. Depending on the kit you choose your superabilities more convenient for you path. Somewhere you can go ahead, shooting at anything that moves, but somewhere better to creep secretly in stealth mode. However, the variability is needed here is not so much to do you will certainly have learned all the loopholes and secret passages, but simply to the presence of another variant of the passage.
The subject of the Mankind Divied turned out not too long, if you run forward at breakneck speed. Basic tasks and locations is really not very much, so the pleasure will have to stretch or take place again in another way. The second option is preferable, because during the passage you are sure to run into situations where strictly necessary to choose between two jobs (one excludes the other). After finishing the main story, you will be able to run the game + preserving augmentation and equipment. It’s time to do an alternative passage, the study of all the corners or just bullying – with a set of features!
It is impossible not to note the relevance of place in Mankind Divided events. Augmented rogue resemble modern refugees in Eastern streets, where they do not really wait and favor. Hence – the flourishing of terrorism, based on the insoluble contradictions. News from the TV in the game is not so much to inform as form the agenda. And, of course, behind the scenes puppeteers, who are behind all this.
However, it should be considered a warning or Deus Ex grim joyless prediction of our future augmented. Chronology of the game is not even trying to be realistic, you will find references to the events of 2011 and even 2016, which have no relation to the facts. Deus Ex – it is rather a reflection of our reality, fabulous and dark, where even augmented agent with superpowers is still just a man – a pawn in the hands of the powerful.

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