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Birthday: December 4, 1920
Age: 91 years old
Place of birth: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Date of death: 04/20/2013
Place of Death: Noffle-le-Chate, France
Nationality: Canada
Dina Durbin received her last film shooters for three paintings, which the viewer did not see. The films were simply not shot, although they were on the plans of the studio “Universal”. In such a cunning way, the aged, in the opinion of the producers, Durbin got a retreat and retired to France. She was only 27 years old, 13 of which Dina gave to the cinema.
Edna Mei Durbin is rightfully proud of the Canadians. So they say, she supposedly is one of the most remarkable women of the twentieth century, without being offended by the fact that the Durbin family left Canada for a better life in the States when Edna (later – Dean) was still very small. Dina Durbin is rightfully proud of the people of our native country. After all, she was not too lazy to learn as much as two Russian romances and so well sang them in “Sister of his butler.”
As for the Americans, they consider citizen Durbin their property, because it was she who created on the screen magical images that greatly facilitated transatlantic life during the Great Depression and World War II.
But in the end, went to Dean of France. True, it was a completely different woman. I did not sing songs. She did not communicate with journalists, tracking information about herself almost in the entire world press. She was not chosen to star tusovka, but she still kept her slender figure just in case.
They say that even today she feels herself a star. Long ago, after receiving her last, triple fee, she was offended. That’s why I fled to France. The states voluntarily gave Europe their symbol of youth and happiness, an actress who received her Oscar for “the personification of the spirit and personality of youth.”

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