Day of the Tentacle Remastered 2016 Wallpapers

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

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Reissue of masterpieces game classics – almost a win-win move. One has only to cosmetically touch up the appearance and ensure compatibility with modern platforms – and old fans of the original, nostalgic for childhood or adolescence, delighted sweep away the “old novelty” with the virtual shelves, and accustomed to HD-resolution of the new generation of gamers did not disdain to meet with renowned a game of modern wrapper. The main thing – to observe moderation and do not overdo it with the “improvement”: not to spoil the whole thing simplistic gameplay or pereozvuchivaniem. Fortunately, with the Day of the Tentacle at Double Fine in this respect everything turned out just fine.
Somewhat disappointed fans of the classic point-and-click adventure his recent Broken Age, developed on three million kraudfandingovyh dollars, but clearly not up for the excitement to many current representatives of the genre, Tim Schafer and his company have tried to go the other way, releasing in early 2015 Grim Fandango Remastered. As you might guess, this experiment was a success in all respects, and now – thanks to the sponsorship of the Sony, who wishes to see the updated edition quest classics on their consoles of the current generation – we pleased with the reissue of the first independent project Schafer era “the golden age» LucasArts, in which he sodizaynerom made for a couple with no less skilled developer Dave Grossman.
For the uninitiated – a little history. In 1987, when the undivided reign series from Sierra manually set all the commands in a text string, two young employees of the then Lucasfilm Games, Software, Ron Gilbert and artist Gary Winnick, released Maniac Mansion quest in the world – adventure, to control which could be one only the mouse, pointing to objects on the screen and selecting the appropriate verbs from the list below to place. No less distinctive and attractive feature of the game turned out to become a brand name for Lucas Arts humor: the plot was a poluparodiyu on second-rate horror films – a fun story about the adventures of a group of students in abundance puzzles and traps mansion typical “mad scientist,” Dr. Fred Edison.
The gameplay in this flaunted enviable nonlinearity: before the game had to choose two characters out of six (in addition to the third hero, consisting in our default command), – each of them different own abilities and character, according to which and need to through the game. One only “happy” ending, there were four of them, not to mention the different ways of achieving them, of optional side-mysteries, and the multitude of ways to see early in his inscription Game over screen.
Five years later, Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman, a novice programmer and sostsenaristami Ron Gilbert in an even more legendary The Secret of Monkey Island, have created the sequel to Maniac Mansion, in which we again managed by three characters: the truth, no choice at this time, and only the one of three heroes – a physics student and a typical “geek” Bernard – was already among our possible charges in the first adventure game. Fortunately, the past few years it has not changed – and, having received from his old friend Green tentacles, one of the strange inhabitants of the mansion Dr. Fred, a letter asking for help, Bernard did not hesitate to return to this very house to meet new adventures.
At the same time he prihvatyvaet with itself and two of its most colorful neighbors in the hostel – a roadie of a rock band named Hoagie and Laverne medical student-: the appearance of the first and second inimitable gait remembered for a long time. To switch between the characters we will continuously, and share items – and that most, but not all the characters will be available to us from the beginning. But to act, they will be even in the same place, but in a different time, for a planned pilot moving to a time machine in yesterday to a quick save the world from taking it to mutate into a mad genius, the other tentacles, purple, turned a failure, – and while Bernard stayed with Dr. Fred in the present tense, Haughey was two hundred years ago in the past, and Laverna found herself in an equally distant future, in which the “Day tentacles” have long arrived, and the people are the new rulers of the world except in as pets.
According to the degree of his “Totally» Day of the Tentacle Remastered 2016 represents a middle ground between total conversion charts, pereozvuchivaniem dialogues and even some gameplay simplification, which we saw in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition, – and Grim Fandango Remastered, which actually turned out to be only remastered character models and lighting and some interface, but not the videos and backgrounds who do not know even the existence in the modern world of widescreen monitors. Fortunately, in the case of two-dimensional graphics of the original Day of the Tentacle solution was simple and elegant: the main window, which occupied in 1993 a large part of the screen corresponds exactly to the proportions of HD-resolution, and therefore the visual component was successfully repainted bright and juicy while retaining all the charm of the “cartoon-like crooked” style of the chief artist of the game Peter Chan. Slightly widen had only movies have improved significantly, and added in detail (for example, we can now read in the intro to the game that same letter Green Tentacles). In the best tradition of remakes switch between the original and updated view is available at any time by pressing F1.
With regard to the list of verbs and inventory, then display them on the screen can also be enabled in the settings, reducing the main window and returning the kind of game to its original proportions. Therefore, our services are not only two kinds of graphs, but also two interface options – the traditional set of verbs in the form of tables, and the upgraded “dial”: press the left mouse button is responsible for the movement of the character, and right click on any of the active subjects – which can highlight the Shift key when you wish – brings a full range of all available actions in this case.
Select the desired effect, you can also scroll the mouse wheel, and carefully saved using keyboard shortcuts – “open» (O), «close» (C), etc., – saving the extra mouse click; inventory hotkeys I, or by clicking on the label on the bottom left, and switch between the two versions of the interface can be configured to enable and set the “Auto” mode to automatically display a list of verbs when changing the graphics mode of the classic. The same three options are available with regard to the musical accompaniment, able to sound like authentic “classical”, and in the improved version. Who would any of them nor liked having the choice to be welcomed.
Of course, in addition to redraw the graphics, scale alternative and additional options control characters, any changes in the gameplay, the plot and mysteries happened. As a bonus, there are a few tens-outline illustrations, opened as the game progresses, and is equipped with subtitles Developers comments – Tim and Dave, artist and animator and two composers, who, when this option is enabled in the settings, will be happy to share with you my Memories available on some game screens by pressing A. there is here and the “game within the game” – he Maniac Mansion, which you can visit all the same by the “use” a computer in the room Ed Edison. The only drawback of conventional new incarnation of classics can be considered unless the presence of only one save in the built-adventure game, and it automatically – however, in a serious rebuke to the main game (where the manual save, of course, available) to put it difficult.
For the rest, we are waiting for all the same complete madness adventure to save the world from the tentacles, misanthrope, for which, among other things, will have to forever change the design of the US flag, dry – so far without it – hamster in the microwave, to win in the best competition smile, laugh and hairstyle among human pets, replace George Washington’s false teeth and buy the incredible value of the diamond for two million dollars from the account of Dr Fred in a Swiss bank. The conclusion can only be one: Day of the Tentacle Remastered 2016 should definitely recommend both veterans of the genre, in memory knowing all jokes Bernard and his friends, as well as beginners who are not familiar yet with the inhabitants of a mad family mansion Edison. After all – who knows? – Perhaps, then Tim Schafer will pass from the stage of manufacture to create remakes Maniac Mansion 3 or Full Throttle 2.

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