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British actor
David Bradley was born on 17 April 1942 in an English family, which fell all the hardships of the Second world war. David Bradley grew up a normal child, moderately playful, moderately obedient. Your dreams and actions in life, the boy was sent towards the same goal – to become an actor.
The beginning of a film career
Started in movie David Bradley in 27 years, which is actually acting standards already “overstayers” age, but as soon as they say “with a run, a gallop”. In 1969, David Bradley appeared on the screen in the first film of socialist realist film Director-screenwriter Ken Loach who brought his style over from television to film, in the drama “KES,” a duet with Freddie Fletcher, a young guy from Barnsley – Billy, before which opened up an unexpected opportunity for success in life: he found the Falcon. The training of the independent birds allowed the hero Bradley to see an alternative to their monotonous, not very attractive future among the working class in the English city. The success and role, and the paintings were the “face”.
However, after this explicit kinomichi career David Bradley is not rushed with great speed to the top of kinoolimp, Directors and producers are “not rushed” vying to invite an actor to your project. Settled for David Bradley small roles.
The actor, along with John Nettlesome, Jane Waymarked and Laura Howard played the role of the second plan power Tom Directors Peter Smith and Sarah Hellings in one of a series of criminal melodrama “Purely English murder”. The film’s plot is narrated about the murders in the fictional English County of Midsomer, and was filmed on the detective novels of Caroline Graham, each of which was unique, was filled with mysticism and unique British humor.
Harry Potter
And then came the creative kinesthesia that “saved” the series of films about the adventures of a boy Harry Potter in the eponymous novel by John. K. Rowling directed by Chris Columbus, starring roles in which she played Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, and in adult roles were occupied by leading British actors such as Alan Rickman, John Cleese, Julie Walters and Maggie Smith. David Bradley in the acclaimed science fiction Saga got the role of Argus Filch, his character was part of the staff “Hogwarts,” and, of course, played a role in the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends during their studies.
The role of Argus Filch in the Potterian gave a boost, which needed film career of the talented actor. David Bradley took part in all the films about the famous boy, starting with the story of 2001 – “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone” and ending with the film adaptation of the final book in two parts “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and 2” in 2010 and 2011, respectively.
Between the same set of movies about Harry Potter, David Bradley played a small episode in the film “hot fuzz” in 2007. Later in 2008 the actor has successfully celebrated at one of the filming area with the charming Samantha Morton and Steven Mackintosh in this dramatic Thriller from Director Walsh Aisling “Wreath of daisies”, the story is interestingly revealed the strange behavior of the daughter of the main characters.
2008 was for David Bradley’s harvest. The actor worked one of the Central roles in Director-screenwriter Justin Kerrigan in the acclaimed British film “I know you know” with Robert Carlyle and the arrone fuller. The plot of the drama, young Jamie loves his dad Charlie, the hero of David Bradley, who refers to the son as an adult friend. Charlie besides son is still a mystery, he is a British intelligence agent working undercover. And then one day, Jamie begins to suspect that world of which the father says and the reality are not one and the same.
Interesting facts
The role of Argus Filch in the film series “Harry Potter…” was exactly the jolt needed career David Bradley.

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