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Chameleon rock music
David Bowie is one of the most famous musicians of the twentieth century. According to most critics and he had the largest popular culture cult. The impact of Bowie on society, is unique: he has changed more lives, than all musicians combined. This was possible through constant transformations Bowie: he left a mark in all popular music genres, alternating between images of the folk singer, hermaphrodite, alien, decadent, blue-eyed boy and the modern rock star.
Early years
David Bowie (at the birth of David Jones) was born in the district of Brixton in London on 8 January 1947. David’s father worked in the personnel Department, and the mother was an usherette in the cinema. School teachers described him as gifted but combative and restless boy.
Since 1953, the family began to live in Bromley, where David went to high school. Here he actively participated in the school choir, impressing the teachers with his skills. Teachers mentioned the extraordinary artistry and expression that are not typical for the child.
Interest in music grew when David acquired a few albums by the American rock performers. Among them were ‘The Platters’, Elvis Presley, ‘Fats Domino’, little Richard. After Bowie heard the famous song ‘Tutti Frutti’, he stated that he heard the voice of God. He never doubted that I should become a pop star, and many years later confessed that he always was under the power of some higher power.
In his youth, there was another event that influenced the flamboyant musician. At school he had a fight with his friend, who accidentally ring hit him in the eye. Bowie had the surgery, but completely restore vision had failed. As a result of the transformation of the pupil began to think that David had a different eye color. Subsequently, it gave rise to some people with developed imagination to claim that Bowie is an alien, because he even the eyes are different.
David started very early to play musical instruments. At first it was acoustic, then bass guitar and ukulele, then piano. In the 15 years he collected the first group that began to play rock-n-roll at various events. Bowie failed the exams at school and went to College Bromley, however, left after a year out, saying to parents that he intends to become a pop star.
Worldwide popularity
After learning that the frontman of the famous band ‘The Monkees’ name was Davey Jones, David to avoid confusion, took the pseudonym Bowie in honor of hunting knives. He chose this pseudonym when he learned that the name of his favorite musician Mick Jagger means ‘knife’.
His musical career Bowie started in the 60-ies. Its innovative approach to stage performances gave impetus to the development of the style glam rock. Discussion about whether to consider a glam direction in music do not cease until now, but it is clear that David has changed the approach to rock-n-roll, made it more glamorous and shocking.
World famous Bowie received in 1975 after the release of the single ‘Fame’ and the album ‘Young Americans’, which became a hit. At this time, he acted in his most famous image of the thin White Duke. In the 70 years of his youthful addiction to cocaine increased, but did not affect creativity. In 1976, Bowie went to Switzerland, and after some time in Germany, where he created his famous ‘Berlin trilogy’. It includes the albums ‘Low’ (1977), ‘Heroes’ (1977) and ‘Lodger’ (1979).
In 1980-ies the impact of rock musician intensified. In 1980 came the album ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’ and in 1983 ‘Let’s Dance’. They brought Bowie not only fame and recognition, but also a huge profit. David began to collaborate with famous musicians. For example, ‘Queen’, he worked on the release of ‘Under Pressure’, which became a hit and got to the top of the charts in the UK. The musician performed together with Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Stevie ray Vaughan and other artists.
In the 1990’s, David Bowie continued to experiment with styles. His albums ‘Outside’ (1995) and ‘Earthling’ (1997), in the press received good reviews, was marked by the influences of industrial, electronic music, drum n bass, hip-hop. The musician continued to experiment with such styles as jungle and soul.
In 2003 he released the album, ‘Reality’, and three years later David said that he takes a leave of absence due to illness. Doctors diagnosed him with a pinched nerve and underwent surgery. His next album ‘The Next Day’ was released only in 2013.
Personal life
Personal life in the most eccentric musician in the world has always been in the field of view of journalists. It is known that for the first time Bowie got married in 1970, model Angela Barnett. According to David, they were very similar to each other. After a year the couple had a son, Zoe, who later became a filmmaker.
One of the most discussed topics during these years was the sexual orientation of the musician. The fact that Bowie’s various editions gave different answers. So, in an interview with Michael Watts said that he was gay, and the magazine ‘Playboy’ in 1976, said she’s bisexual. In the 1980’s, David denied all their statements, and in the 2000s, answering the questions of the magazine ‘Blender’, all confused, saying that early in his career, probably felt a certain bisexuality, but now he’s definitely heterosexual.
With Barnett Bowie divorced in 1980, and in 1992 he married another model, Iman Abdulmajid. In 2000, the couple had a daughter Alexandra Zahra. The family lives in London and new York. David is extremely happy and says that the daughter changed his life.
In addition to music, Bowie was active in films. He played many roles, but really good at his career a little. David sneers that usually he is offered the role of a transvestite, possessed or Martians. And he wants to play normal people, in fact he is quite normal. According to Bowie, he’s not a prophet and not a man from the past. He is a mere mortal with the makings of a Superman. And he’s still alive.

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