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David Boreanaz

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David Boreanaz was born may 16, 1969 in the small town of Buffalo, in the family of the famous host the weather David Boreanaz Sr., known as Dave Roberts – for years he kept a weather on one of the channels of Philadelphia, where the family moved in 1978. Except for David, Dave and his wife, Pat have two daughters – Beth and Bo.
In 14 years, David enrolled in Catholic school for boys, where, says the actor himself, has caused a lot of trouble to their teachers and disliked chemistry and mathematics. He then moved to Ithaca College, where he studied directing and cinematography at the school of communication Roy Park.
After graduating from College with a bachelor’s degree in 1991, David went to try his luck in Hollywood. Then he even thought about becoming an actor – he was interested in directing, and he was ready even for free. But instead of filming David began to do them in.
The first cameo he received in 1993 in the movie “aspen Extreme”, “best of the Best 2”, and in one of the episodes of the TV series “Married… with children”.
The whole life of David Boreanaz changed in 1997, one day when he was walking down the street with his dog. It said one TV agent, who was amazed by the appearance of David and immediately invited him to audition for the TV series “Buffy” (1997-2003). After the first trial series Creator Joss Whedon and responsible for casting Marcia Shulman realized that I had found the right actor for the role of a mysterious 240-year old vampire with angel. Winning this role, David Boreanaz became the idol of many viewers around the world. His character enjoyed no less popular than Buffy herself.
After two years of filming in this TV show David without hesitation agreed to a new project of Vedana – series “angel” (1999-2004), which became the story spin off from “Buffy”, in which the character of David were the lead roles.
In late 2003, David finally realized what went once to Hollywood – stood on the other side of the camera and took the 10th series of the fifth season of its own series “angel” called “Destiny of souls”.
During the filming of the TV series “angel,” David also managed to star in two films – “Valentine’s Day” (2001) and “Love story” (2002).
In 2005, David received one of the main roles in the films “the crow: wicked prayer” and “Girls”, and also received the role of FBI special agent Seeley booth in the TV series “Bones” (2005-…).
In 2006, David starred in feature films “a Simple thing” and “Mr. “fix””, and in 2007 the horror movie “Bloody retribution”.
In 2009, David along with Carla, Gugino played a major role in the film “mighty Max”.
In 2012 Boreanaz got the role of detective Forest Scanlon in the crime drama “Officer down”, in which the main role was played by Stephen Dorff and Dominic Purcell
In 2013 he played the role of Jessie Cooper in the TV series “full circle”.

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