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David James Arquette born in the USA (Winchester, Virginia) in 1971, 8 Sep.
Comes from a famous acting dynasty of Arkatov. David grew up in a close-knit family, which besides him was two sisters (Patricia and Rosanna) and two brothers (Robert and Richmond). Mom taught acting, and her work was created by local theatre. Father is an actor, known for cult TV series The Waltons (70 years). Sister Ann and father Lewis worked in Los Angeles, so the family moved there for permanent residence. Here David was in school. Here I learned to play the trumpet and first learned what it means to be an actor.
Sister begged and begged David to play in school productions, they really wanted to find my brother a lesson, healthier streets. But until then, before David realized that acting is quite a profitable business, he stubbornly would not agree to any persuasion. “Seventh son” – the first play in which David agreed to play the role and then only due to the fact that I heard that part in a theatre production the other boy has already received the money.
David came to trial and was approved for the role. When the performance ended, he went to the teacher for their fees. To the surprise and chagrin of the young actor, it seemed, was not the limit, because the teacher said that the roles in school productions will not be paid. Seeing how upset David, the teacher gave him a check in the amount of $ 100.
Years later, when David Arquette made a career as a professional actor, he returned to school and returned the money.
Who knows what would have been the fate of David Arquette, if not the same receipt and impact sisters have become real Hollywood stars. Early in his career, David took all the suggestions just received. He played in the films with a very small budget, participated in various television serials and shows.
The real success came to David in 1996 with the release of the Thriller “Scream”, where the actor played a leading role. In 2000, Arquette played the main role in the movie “ready To rumble”. After the film’s release on 12 April 2000 was the debut of David in WCW. At first he was in the hall along with the audience, but then entered the ring and battled with Eric Bischoff. Further, the new duels – one-on-one with Bischoff against the team of Eric Bischof and Jeff Jarrett. In terms of competition the winner was the one who put on the blades and hold the enemy. David was able to defeat Bischof, and he was awarded the title of world champion in heavyweight in World Championship Wrestling (2000).
In the winter of 2002 David Arquette was among the spectators in WWF Smack Down, in his hands was a placard on which was written “Former WCW champion”.
The film career of actor more successful than an athlete’s career. The popularity and love of the audience the actor brought the film “Rattle” (1994), “Attack of spiders” (2002), “Scream”, the first, second and third part of the Thriller, “the Agent named Spot” (2001), “3000 miles to Graceland” (2001), “the adventures Sharkboy and Lava” (released in 2005), “hamlet 2” (2008) and many other works.
In 2007, Arquette has acted as the producer of the film “Mud” and in 2009 The Big Change, he is also the writer and Director of “the Tourist”.
In December 2010, David took part in the awards ceremony, Slammi. In the evening he and Alex Riley come together in a battle with Randy Orton, however, they lost.

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